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and it all went dark........................

Hello there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rybes; I am from England, Great Yarmouth to be exact. I am 36 and for the last 12 years I have been hooked by the mysterious and addictive hobby of collecting tattoos and piercings. Although I have loads of stories about my tattoos and piercings, like passing out after 5 minutes of my first ever tattoo (ha got myself a great nickname that stuck with that one, but you will have to ask me nicely to tell you that one!) but this latest escapade well it would just be rude not to share..

It all started one warm night in May 2008. A mutual friend of me and my girlfriend had recently got her qualification in tattooing; she had some tattoo equipment and was dying to try it out. She had already done 1 or 2 small tattoos but this was her first large piece, I am not too sure who was more nervous!

After chatting over a few cups of coffee about what I wanted I decided on a knuckle duster with some skulls instead of finger holes. This was to go on the outside of my left leg replacing the idea I originally had of the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang; an idea that Cassie (the girlfriend) was never keen on! A day was set and now all I could do was wait, had all the usual thoughts; tried to remember how much it hurt! Then the other thoughts ummm..... Just qualified and this is for life!!

A week later our friend, Cary, arrived tattoo gun in hand and a manic grin across her face, well if it weren't a manic grin, it was nerves or something!

We sat down in front of the pc and started looking for skull and knuckle duster pictures which would go with the ideas I had. The skull was found in a random web search and was traced straight from the laptop, Cassie was furious and shouted "what the hell are you doing? don't kill my pixels!!" whoops!! I'll just wait till she goes out the room hee hee. When she was not looking I finished the skull and I found a picture of a knuckle duster within the hallowed pages of my sacred magazine "streetfighters", well it is their logo!.

With outlines in hand, we headed into the living room where Cary could draw the outline. After a few attempts and several corrections and alterations the outline was successfully drawn onto my leg. Back to the study we go to get her stuff ready and for the pain to begin, joy of joys! But wait what's this? "Bit dark in here aint it?" Cassie says "go to the kitchen and get a new bulb" so off I go.

I return with a bulb and attempt to change it. "BANG!!!" all the lights go out plunging us into darkness, lets hope Cary eats lots of carrots eh!. "That's ok" says the ever confident Rybes "it will only be a tripped fuse" off I go to sort the fuse, fuse sorted, light flicked, nothing!? Go back check fuse, but the fuse is ok, bugger! Oh dear, looks like I have blown the switch too. Sure enough a funny smell leads me to the black charred remains of a dimmer switch! Once Cassie stopped screaming at me for nearly burning her house down, I got on the case of fixing the light, ah, one problem were do you find a light switch at 10.30pm?? Never mind Ryberman to the rescue!! And 'ah hah' next thing you know we have a working light 'ta da', although cant say it was too safe as there was live wires sticking out of the wall twisted together to make the light come on. "Just don't touch it and it'll be fine" I said as I waited patiently for my medal – strangely Cassie did not oblige!

Then the doorbell rang. While I was bodging, sorry expertly fixing, the light Cassie had phoned her dad to see if he had a spare switch we could have and luckily he did, no more dodgy wires!(dont try this at home kids!! im an electrician and apparently know what im doing!!) 10 minutes later we have a working light switch that wouldn't give you a new hair-do or a tan to die for!

Ahhh the miracles of modern technology - now we have a working light the tattoo can begin. After 3 hours the art work was finished, (I'm sure if the light hadn't blown it would've been quicker!). Bloody good job too because it really hurt but the more I hurt the more Cassie liked it, (hey that is why I love her so much, awwwww) by the end I know damn well it shouldn't have hurt that much, bloody women!!! Turns out she had already spoken to Cary and told her make it hurt, all for placing her laptop in peril! Still got a little bit of work left but it is nearly finished though, well that bit at least! I really should not complain though my other leg has taken 10 years and it is still a work in progress, but hey, that's tatts for ya!! Once you start you can't stop........where have I heard that before ; )


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: a+friend+who+has+just+got+some+tattoo+gear.+more+commanly+kn
Studio: my+girlfriends+study
Location: next+to+the+living+room.+or+great+yarmouth

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