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You can not always forget mistakes

As they say in the movie "Corps Bride": this is a story about a murder most foul. In my case, a slight murder on my tattoo dream and my back. Even though I wish the murdered was my tattoo"artist", but we`re coming to that.

Let me take you back to a beautiful summer day by the beach. The place was swarming with people from a nearby festival, all wanting to cool off, and I sat glaring at their body art. I was no virgin to the concept of tattoos, having two of my own and reading everything I could find about them and I had a long time been thinking about a third. I knew I wanted to go big, I wanted to go spectacular and of course I managed to go to the crappiest artist in town. Two of my friends (my only friends with tattoos) had come to join the festival and we got inspired while spying at people at the beach. After a very hard year in a new town I found out that I needed to renew myself: the time was ripe for some new ink.

As soon as I got home from the beach I started to roam the internet for inspiration. I wanted the tattoo on the right side on my back, just above my buttock, because I would feel balanced with a tattoo on my left shoulder, my back and right ankle. The only problem was that I didn`t know what to get. I had ideas of course, but which one was right? I had always been fascinated with tribals, mainly because of its abstract-ness and I thought "You cant go wrong with a tribal because its just a pretty pattern". I have since got some bs from people saying that a tattoo have to have a deep meaning and that they know this band or quote or whatever is gonna represent them forever. Yeah right. Anyway, back to my dusty computer-room, I decided to go for a swirly kind of tribal. I ditched the "one side of my back"-idea and went for full lower back.

My lovely urban town has a full set of two tattoo-studios in the area. Clutching my design (I had let the idea sink in for a few months), I went to both to check them out, ask for price and maybe book an appointment. I thought both looked good and my decision over which studio I choose is fairly vain: one studio had a fancy hospital-like tattoochair while the other had an ordinary office chair in which the clients sat while being tattooed( and the studio was kinda small and cluttered). I booked by the first studio and left, happy as a bunny.

The big day came and I found myself sitting in the fancy tattoochair I had been so fascinated by. With my back shaved and tissues in my asscrack , I was ready to go and oh my god, I had never felt this much pain in my life. It was so bad I wanted to run away, but I knew I couldn`t walk away with half a tattoo. At some point he mumbled something about my skin not taking the ink so well and he had to go over certain areas several times. I have a fairly good pain-tolerance, but I almost puked by the pain. Seriously, I gagged. He had only booked me up for like 20 minutes (It is a big tribal, but I thought it was ok, since it was all black) and of course it took over an hour. I started to have second thoughts about the whole studio when he asked to pierce a guy who was waiting so "I could have a break".

The tattoo came out bad. It had white spots, was unsymmetrical and I got scar tissue, so I can feel the tattoo when I run my finger over it. I could not bend my back or have someone touch my back for a week. I did not want to go back to complain because I didn`t want him to fix it and make it worse. And I was scared of the pain. Since that, I have since heard nothing but negative comments about the "studio" but because I was new in town, I knew nothing of this. I am extra bitter since I did all the right things on finding a studio, but I had no one to ask and he apparently have stolen many of the pictures in his portfolio from the internet.

A year later I got tired of being ashamed of my back and have people say "Oh, you have a tattoo on your back, It`s...nice" and went to a studio in my original home-town. I was so ashamed when they asked to see my tattoo because I felt like a dork for choosing such a crappy studio in the first place. They poked and prodded a bit and told me that the previous guy had had the tattoo machine on a too fast speed, so instead of poking tiny holes in my skin, he had cut the pattern into my back, thus explaining the pain. Since the color was so bad, they had to go over the tattoo all over again, but it was worth it. It is now black, symmetrical and the scar tissue is even less raised now. Apparently, if you tattoo over scar tissue, the needle puncture the scars and make them less raised. Even so, I cannot fully love the tattoo because of the negative experience, having hated it for a year and that it do not go smoothly against the skin. I appear to love it, since I have a lot of people
who will jump at first chance to say "I told you so" if I admit my true feelings. Some days I think its hot and pretty, other days I wish I had got something else, or better; nothing at all. But since its going to be there for a while, I hope that it sooner or later will become a part of me and my body. I will not live a lifetime of regret.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Location: Norway

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