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So I finally got the long, long awaited tattoo!

I guess you could say that I waited until I was very sure of what I wanted as far a tattoo goes. Actually I wanted a tattoo from the time I was 14 years old. If I had gotten one at 14, it would have been blueberries by my ankle. Yeah, I don't know why exactly I wanted blueberries, but I am sure that would have been it. I had told people as the time and they have asked every since if I finally had the blueberries. Well, no. So 40 years later I was finally ready to seal the tattoo deal, but not blueberries. The design ideas I had so many years ago really didn't work for me now, but had I gotten them then I would still have been happy with them. As I am sure I will be happy at 80 with whatever I get now.

I wanted something meaningful for my first tattoo. I had contemplated over ideas for I while and one thing I knew for sure I wanted this tattoo as a way of healing, you see, I was sexually abused as a child/teenager and survived five years of hell. This would somehow have to be depicted in my first tattoo. I went to a tattoo parlor in town that other people suggested and I had in fact been pierced at 10 years earlier. I checked the designs or flash on that they had available and they do have a lot. I found a design with musical notes and stars and thought this would be perfect as I felt music was my salvation during the "hell" years. The artist, Schuyler, said he could redraw it and customize it so it would be mine and mine alone. This sounded like a good idea and he told me to just hand out and he'd see what he could do. I hung around checking out more flash, the jewelry, even talking to the owners of the shop while Schuyler was busy drawing. I felt anxious and a bi t apprehensive, I mean I had waited a long time for this. I had decided to get the tattoo on outer side of my right calf. I wanted or maybe needed this one to be seen if I so desired.

After about an hour wait Schuyler was ready. He showed me the design with musical notes, lines, and stars. I loved it. He had pulled out some music and actually copied the symbols in kind of a funky and unique way. His design actually fit what I was trying to convey better than the flash had. He knew this was my first tattoo, so he kept reassuring me and joking which really helped me relax. I wondered if I could really deal with the pain. I kept thinking to myself, okay, you've had three children, so you can do this just remember to keep breathing. Thinking back on this, I'm sure he could tell how frightened I was, hence the jokes and fun.

He had be lay down and arranged my leg to apply the stencil all the while trying to help me with my "nerves." There was no way I was walking out. This was going to happen! The stencil was absolutely perfect! I took a deep breath as he began the outline, I was surprised that it didn't hurt as much as I had thought it would. I actually did remember to keep breathing. At times I was surprised that I even closed my eyes. Little did I know that I would come to really enjoy the feel of getting a tattoo. After a while, Schuyler asked why I wanted this tattoo, I shared with him exactly what it meant to me. He told me that he could totally understand and thought using it to help heal was a great idea. This was our serious moment.

The piece of flash I had been looking at was quite colorful and Schuyler made sure that his design was quite colorful too. He must of used at least 12 colors. When he was done, I looked at my leg in awe. Wow, this tattoo was so much more than I had imagined. It was so colorful it almost looked like a temporary tattoo. Schuyler cleaned up my leg, wrapped it up, and gave me all the aftercare information which I had to double and triple check with him just to make sure I got it right. I told him I thought I would be back for more and he told me that that is usually the way it goes. I happily tipped him and left wondering why it had taken me so long to get the tattoo I had wanted for so long. He had used saran wrap to cover it, so I was glad I could show it off right away.

Oh, and Schuyler was right...in two years I have gotten over ten tattoos, but they are stories for another time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Schuyler
Studio: Body+Accents
Location: Palm+Desert%2C+California

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