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I can't believe you got it!!

I have always toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo and right before I graduated from high school I decided to make the leap. I don't normally do this kind of thing so I wanted to share this story for all of those people who think that they can't get a tattoo or who are maybe just a little too apprehensive to go get it done.

I had decided to get it done on my lower hip due to my very strict parents who have threatened to quit paying for my college tuition if I get a tattoo (oops...guess it's too late!) So even harder then deciding on the placement was of course deciding what to get. I kept it simple and the tattoo is very small (about 1.5 in across and .5 in high). I had been thinking about what I wanted for a long time but had never really solidified my plans. But I went ahead and scheduled the appointment.

The day of my tattoo I woke up extremely nervous and puttered around my house for hours trying to forget about the lie-long decision I was making. So I got into my car and left for the shop and realized I had never printed out the design. I ran back into my house and got on my computer and basically picked out a script for the words on the spot. Looking back I know I should have planned it out better but it (luckily) turned out well anyway.

So I made my decision and printed it off the computer and drove over to the studio to get it done. I wanted the tattoo to represent all that I had overcome throughout my life up to this point and I wanted it to be a test of my own will. Thus, I had decided to go alone. The drive over I was calm as could be but as soon as I got to the studio, I immediately regretted not bringing a friend. I am as straight out of suburbia as they come and I felt so out of place in the studio but the employee's made me feel as comfortable as is possible when someone will be jabbing a needle into your skin repeatedly in the next 30 minutes.

I met the lady who would be doing my art and she drew it up. It only took her 10 minutes due to the small size of the piece but I was terrified sitting in the waiting room the whole time. She took me back to the room (which was very clean and pristine) and I had to awkwardly slide my pants down very low. I sat down and she began to explain the process to me. She shaved me and whatnot and placed the transfer on my skin. I though the placement was perfect and I a place where my parents would not see it. She fired up the gun and I started sweating bullets. But as she pressed it into my skin immediately realized that this wasn't going to be as bad as I had been imagining. She talked to me the entire time and I honestly can't remember any pain at all! Although maybe that is the amnesia I have heard so much about. It only took about 15 minutes and I love it! She put the plastic wrap on it and I paid (like 80 bucks) and left her tip. It came out perfectly and I only wish mor e people could see it.

The healing process was not as bad as I had originally expected. I just put unscented lotion on it when it got dry and after it scabbed off maybe 4 days later it was perfect. The only glitch I encountered was my beach trip one week after I got it. I had to apply copious amounts of sunscreen and make sure to keep it clean. I luckily managed to care for it properly throughout the week and it turned out okay.

As soon as my friends found out that I had gone without informing any of them they were in shock! They still can't believe I grew a pair and got it done. It was one of the best experiences of my life! I truly love it and whoever did mine (I wish I could remember her name!) did a fantastic job. The lines are the lettering are really straight and it is perfect.

I was so happy with the tattoo and the work that she did that I intend to return there for my next piece! (whenever I work up the courage to do it again). Not to mention I know they do piercings and I am looking to get my tragus and cartilage pierced. I will definitely return for those services as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tattoos

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