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Bakery half sleeve

Wow, where to start? I've been intrigued by and interested in tattoos for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, I was drawn to images I saw on television of tattooed men and women. When I was in middle school, I'd doodle little tattoo ideas in the margins of my notebooks. I remember drawing a self portrait of what I thought I'd look like in 10 years, and I had tattoos, piercings, and crazy spiky hair. While I don't look exactly like my drawing predicted, I definitely have not lost my passion for tattoos.

When I was 17 I got my first tattoo. I got another when I was 19, and another when I was 20. They were all small things, and I was itching for something large-scale. I just didn't know what I wanted.

When I started college in 2004, I went to a private art school where I saw many people express themselves via body modification. It was such a great atmosphere, and it fueled my desire for a large tattoo. I didn't have the money for anything like that because I was paying for school, so I just kept getting things that were less expensive (read: piercings). I ended up switching my major to Pastry Arts, and when it clicked and I knew it was for sure for me, I started wanting a half sleeve based on my major.

The idea was put on the back burner for quite some time due to artist's block and a lack of funds. I wanted to draw the sleeve myself, but nothing was coming to me, and what did was crap. I kept surfing IAM and searching for artists in my area. While I was searching, I remembered seeing tattoos that I liked on a girl that I thought was from my area. I searched and found Nae. She was who I was thinking of, and I asked her about Corey who had done her tattoos. She told me nothing but good things about him and encouraged me to contact him about my idea. Around Thanksgiving 2007 I emailed Corey through the Lucky Monkey website, and he responded within 12 hours. Via email and phone, we exchanged ideas and info, and he said he'd have a drawing for me by 'x' date. I waited (very impatiently!) for the drawing, and when he emailed it to me I couldn't wait to open the attachment.

It was awesome! There were a few minor tweaks that I wanted, but it was just perfect. Exactly what I wanted. We set up an appointment time for mid-February. Corey called me earlier than that saying that someone canceled and I could move my spot up if I wanted to. I was geeked! On Superbowl Sunday 2008, Corey outlined my entire half sleeve. My mom went with me, and from the moment we walked into the shop, I was impressed. It was spacious, bright, and clean. I felt comfortable and at ease, unlike other shops I'd been in.

I was in love with the outline and could hardly wait the 3 weeks for my first color session. I was one step closer to the way I want my body to look. Over the course of the color sessions and touch up, I watched the beautiful artwork on my arm unfold into a piece that exceeded my visions of it. Every time I looked down at Corey, he was doing something to make my arm more awesome. We talked and joked and induced pain on me. I had a great time being tattooed by Corey, even though at times the pain was excruciating. He and the staff at the Lucky Monkey made me feel comfortable and joked with me to keep my mind off the pain.

On the day of my final color session, I was exited as hell but also a little sad. I didn't want the experience to end. I had had such a good time hanging out in Ann Arbor. When the last bit of color was done, and I looked at my arm in the mirror, I was floored. It was done! And it was amazing! I looked at my new half sleeve with awe. I couldn't believe all the cakes, cookies, pie, and awesome bright colors were finally done! A permanent part of me. I was so proud of it and couldn't wait for it to heal and be no maintenance.

After each session, I went home and took a hot shower. I washed my arm with some soap. It wasn't easy, and it hurt a lot to touch and wash. After the outline I started feeling lightheaded in the shower and had to lay down and drink some orange juice to feel better. I used Aveeno unscented lotion to keep it moisturized. It was unpleasant working after each session because of the swelling in my arm. Eventually the swelling went away, the tattoo peeled, and it was done being babied.

I can't wait until I get money saved up to do my other arm. I can't wait to be tattooed by Corey again!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Corey+Cuc
Studio: Lucky+Monkey
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+Michigan

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