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A Sensual DIY Tattoo Experience

Hi! My name is Keith.

  All of my life I have had a strange perception of tattoos. When I was very young, maybe 3 or 4 I had my first memory of the concept of tattoos. Our family was having some kind of get together and i remember my aunts floral wrist tattoo. I remember later asking my mother and father what it was. I asked something like "what was that on Jody's wrist?" and they replied something to the effect of "you don't need to know what that is. Thats not for you. Thats a bad thing."  
  Throughout growing up with my family, I have been told that tattoos are something impure, but I LOVE them. ever since my first knowledge of them. Loving tattoos is one of the only things that I am completely positive about in my life. Naturally since my family hates them so much I don't have the heart to go out and get any visible ink.  
   From the time that I was about 10 through 16 I experimented in my room with tattoos on a regular basis. I was proud of myself for developing a design for a tattoo machine that would work with a simple dc motor-(little did i know that people had been using this method for years) After years of re-designing I finally had a pretty well tuned method of tattooing. It was dirty as hell but what the fuck do i care? : )  . Either way I began when i was about 11 really tattooing myself. I started on my lower stomach with designs that i liked- a star, a ying-yang. I was happy with my ability to make tattoos myself. 
    When I started getting older I really started thinking that girls with tattoos were the sexiest thing in the world! I wanted to get a girlfriend who liked tattoos in the same way that i did, but i had to be careful about my parents.  
     I had a few girlfriends over the years. Two of the girls I dated were into tattoos. I found that I don't think that I could live my whole life with a person who just doesn't like tattoos. I really need someone who is going to want to get and give tattoos for ever and after the separation with my girlfriend about 2 months ago, I see that she wasn't the one.  
     So about 3 weeks ago, In my art history class I started talking to a girl who I had seen around my campus and always been somewhat attracted to. Her name is Jade. She is the coolest girl you have ever met. She likes going to concerts that i like. She likes funny movies and hiking. But most importantly she loves tattoos. When i found out her similar interest in tattooing I was head over heals. How perfect!?  
      We started hanging out. Going to coffee shops. Getting lunch. Going to parties. We both are not looking to go out with anyone but we are both single and dating. One night we were hanging out in my apartment and we got to kissing. It got somewhat hot and heavy and we started shedding some clothing. When we lost the shirts i noticed that she had a little heart in the middle of her chest, some small stars on her hip, 2 side rib panels - Japanese style that are only outlined. I nearly freaked out! So hot! 
       While she was fiddling around my waist, she discovered some of my homemade stars that had been peeking out. She asked me about them and I took off my pants to show her the rest of my tattoos.  She liked my tribal style leg piece that I had professionally done, but she was more interested in my nearly completely tattooed  right thigh which I have tattooed  with crappy stars and designs. She told me that DIY tattoos was one of her turn on's and showed me 3 lines that she did herself that went around her shin.  
       We are both in our twenties and know the dangers of DIY tattooing but -- whatever.  I suggested that we give each other some tattoos. She was totally into it. She also explained that tattooing  a penis was something she had always fantasized about- which really really turned me on.! I went into my old shoe box and found my tattoo machine- which was a finely crafted creation due to all of my models. She was impressed that i had made it like 8 or 9 years ago. First I boiled the body of the gun and the needle that goes in the tube- which comes out so you can change needles. I then set up some Rapidograph ink - which in my experience works better than india ink. 
       So here we were. 2  collage students in an apartment with a homemade tattoo machine. She wanted me to give her a star on her inner thigh. I drew a star on her leg in pen ink and made sure it was perfect.  
       When i started up the rickety old machine with my foot pedal crafted out of an old sewing machine pedal, we looked at each other with a grin only us tattoo lovers understand. I pushed the buzzing tip into her skin and was immediately pleased with the clean line it produced. As i went over the lines with the needle I felt her squirm with pain. Tattooing her was one of the most sexually gratifying things I have ever done even though it has nothing to do with sex really.  When i was finished with the tattoo she looked at it and was quite pleased with it. We then rinsed the needle off and got new ink. She then began to draw a small star on my penis - on the top closer to my body on the shaft. I was really nervous about how the pain would be but I was so turned on that it didn't matter. I heard that you are not supposed to be erect when you get a tattoo on your penis- but I couldn't help myself . She looked like she really enjoyed what she was doing while i felt the sti

nging needle on my cock! It HURT! soooo bad - but it didn't take that long and we were both extremely satisfied with the results.
It's been about a week since our passionate tattoo session. My star looks like its healing ok. I haven't seen her star yet but I'm sure I will in the future. All in all I would say that it was probably the sexiest thing that will ever happen to me. But I'm always up for it again!

*I have to say that home made tattoos are a dangerous practice and you should absolutely never do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tattoos

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