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Remembering those lost, fighting, and surviving - Ribbon.


In December, my uncle was diagnosed with Cancer... they didn't think they'd be able to save him.  A lot of people in my family have had cancer, so the thought came to me like thunder after lightning; I'll get a cancer awareness tattoo!  (My uncle is actually in remission now, by the way) 
I went through a lot of different ideas for this tattoo, but eventually decided on getting a Cancer Awareness Ribbon that is light purple, for general cancer awareness, and looking a bit torn to symbolize that it's been through a rough battle.  I also went through a lot of placements, but decided it will go on the outside of my leg, just above my ankle. 
My parents decided to let me get the tattoo with their blessing for my seventeenth birthday... simple! 
    I made the appointment for June 19... nine days after I went in.  The wait seemed to last a life time!  I would take out my little appointment card with the date, price and time on it every morning and stare at it.  I would draw on myself with purple marker (no matter how dorky, it's still true).  I even had a dream about it. 
    But, of course, the time came, and when it did, I was all a flutter!  When the time came to go, I was jumping in my seat and imagining having a permanent tribute on my leg in an hour time.

THE BUZZ & THE PAIN We got there about ten minutes early, and my artist had lost my design that I gave him and drew up a new one, which we ended up liking better. We talked about color and size, and once he got it all done, we started. He put the transfer on my skin and I thought, "Here it comes... no going back now...." And watched him preparing the needles and inks. As he started up the machine, I was pretty scared, but not for the pain. I was more afraid of my leg twitching... it did, by the way. I was not anticipating pain, and for this reason, IT HURT! I don't like needles one bit, so it wasn't very surprising it hurt... but I guess I'd read a lot of stories saying it wasn't so bad. And, really, it wasn't unbearable, but it wasn't a walk through the park.
Kato (my artist) was very cool. He chatted with us and made jokes, and before I knew it, the outline was done. He even told me I could get on as a piercer there... yay! The outline only took about ten minutes, and it was the worst part. It hurt the most when he went to the underside of my calf... he said because of all the muscle. I had a squeeze ball and the sides of the chair were nice and squishy for my squeezing pleasure. The shading was a lot less painful than the outline. I was somewhat used to the pain and it was a lot more scattered.
It only took 50 minutes... quick as a blink. I looked down and I LOVED IT IMMEDIATELY!! I am so glad that I went with the design he drew. It looks tattered, like I wanted (some say lumpy at the top, but it looks like a piece is missing and I like it). He used three purples, some black, and some white.
He told me aftercare... to put some Aquaphore by Eucerin on it 3 times a day, lightly, for a week and a half and wash gently, stay out of pools, keep it out of the sun, yadda yadda. I thanked him a lot because he was so cool and left. Another tattoo artist, whose name I don't know, gave me a knuckle touch and said, "yeeeah" on the way out. I liked him.

It only stings a little really.  The worst problem I've had with it is that when I go to the bathroom and drop my drawers it rubs against it uncomfortably.  Haha..  And when my dogs try to lick it... for some reason they're really drawn to the ankle area. 
     I can't wait for the moment my grandmother finds out I have it, because she is a woman who is prone to over reactions and tells my mom she's "going to hell" because of her tattoos.  Silly grandma.

If you live in Utah, near Kearns, I highly recommend Kato at Ace's.  They're very professional, while still being cool and fun, and they're less expensive than a lot of places around.  If you're going to get a tattoo, do it, it's worth it!  Don't let anything hold you back... my step dad actually doesn't like it, but I just keep in mind, I didn't do it for him!!  Have fun, happy tattooing, and feel free to email me with questions!


P.S. if you want to see a picture just email!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Kato
Studio: Ace%27s
Location: Kearns%2C+UT

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