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Full Circle

My 43rd birthday was approaching and friends and family were asking I what I wanted.

"Anything Hello Kitty" I responded to feed my Hello Kitty addiction. Or Kasey Chambers new CD, or just something strange and unusual, kinda like me. I never really know what to tell people. I did let them all know that I have wish lists in several places and they could look there as well.

One morning in the car on the way to work, I mentioned to my husband, Glenn, that I wanted to spend my own money that I've been saving up to finally get my Forest God, Pan, tattoo on my back right shoulder to complete my Wiccan Experience. I have my Moon Goddess on my back left shoulder, which represents my female aspects, my Mother who passed away years ago, my sister (by blood and those by choice – best friends) and all of the other women in my life that I'm close to. And there isn't very many.

I finally got 'Witch' (Pronounced 'MAY ru) in Japanese tattooed down my spine a few months back and I've wanted a Forest God, Pan, to complete the set, something to represent the male aspect of my life and all of the men in my life.

So I went to Far North Queensland Tattoo and Body Piercing shop here in Cairns and brought along my picture, (which Glenn found online for me) and told them what I wanted. They gave me a quote and I booked the time for the weekend before the Monday of my birthday. 2:30pm on Saturday 31 May 2008.

I asked my friend Helen, my neighbour and good friend, to join me and please bring her camera, and then a friend whom I work with, Carol, wanted to come too, so I said ok. So on the afternoon of my appointment, Helen and I drove to the shop. I let them know I was there when we arrived at about 2pm and Toby was busy with his previous client. No dramas. I was happy to wait and Helen who hasn't had a new tattoo in years, was happy to look at their selection of Flash on the walls.

When the time came and Toby was ready for me, he put the stencil on my back where I asked him to and I was happy, so I sat down and got comfortable for the 2-hour session.

He had just finished the outline when he handed me a card and said: "This is from Pan" (the character he was putting on my back).

I was confused but took the red envelope. He got back to work while I opened the envelope to pull out a birthday card from Glenn with the message written in it: "Happy Birthday Hunny Bunny! Enjoy your new tattoo, totally paid for!"

I smiled at Helen and a single tear rolled down my cheek. I was so stunned that Glenn had come to the shop before I got there and paid for it!

That was the best gift he could've given me!

So Toby got back to business and finished my Forest God, my Pan, in full colour! This represents all of the men in my life: my wonderful husband of 11 years Glenn, my 4 brothers, my father who passed away in 2000, (I was a real daddy's girl when I was very young), my father-in-law, my brother-in-law and my friends' partners.

I do need to mention that as the most detailed of all of my tattoos, he only took 1 1/2 hours anyway! But by the time he was done, I was really sore and hurting quite a bit! I don't remember my previous tattoos hurting that much, but with all of the great details he put into it, I can see why!

I'm so happy with it!

Helen took a photo just after it was finished and Toby had wiped the blood off so it looked good (I bled quite a bit on this one!), then he went through the care instructions with me, bandaged me up and sent me on my way!

Helen and I stopped off at a nearby pharmacy for additional bandages in case we needed them, and Bepanthen cream, recommended for healing new tattoos, despite that it's also used as Nappy (Diaper) rash cream here in Australia, to put on it while it's healing, then we stopped for Gelatos, (Italian Ice Cream) I had chocolate and Helen had Orange-Chocolate, and headed to pick up Glenn from work. I showed him the new tattoo and thanked him for his gift and he was happy with the tattoo and commented on the detail Toby put into it.

Then we headed to back home as we were going out to dinner at Hog's Breath Cafe for the best Steaks you can buy that evening with Helen's partner Andy and Glenn and I to celebrate my birthday.

My new tattoo hurt for about a week while it was fresh and healing, but the Bepanthen cream did a good job at keeping it moist but not too wet and keeping it infection-free.

It's now 3 weeks after and it's 95% healed and looks great! Everybody I've shown it to that like tattoos has been very impressed with it!

I would totally recommend FNQ Tattoo in Cairns, Australia if you're going to be tattooed. They run a professional shop, it's clean, sterile and the artists do wonderful work!

I've come full circle and now have complete balance to my Witchy tattoos!

Next tattoo will be a butterfly to celebrate my ongoing struggle with my Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis (SLE) or Lupus as it's commonly known!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Toby
Studio: FNQ+Tattoo
Location: Cairns%2C+Austrlia

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