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My First Tattoo

I could not wait to get my first tattoo; it was something well worth waiting for. No, I did not get my tattoo right when I turned 18 like many people do. I waited. I wanted to get something that I would truly love and appreciate for the rest of my life. For well over a year I thought about what exactly I wanted. There are a lot of things I like in particular and one of those things happens to be stars. I love stars. Yes stars may be a common tattoo but I was going to make my star tattoo as original as possible, my own design.

After browsing online and picking up tattoo magazines for quite some time; I finally had an idea. First thing I decided on was the location of my tattoo, my chest. I wanted the tattoo to be viewable by others and of course I wanted to show it off so that was the perfect location. Next was the color, I stuck with black. Black goes with everything and is a very bold color. Design wise I wanted the stars to be big to go along with the bold color. I chose six five pointed stars; three on both sides starting from my neck/shoulder area going down to near my breast area.

Having my tattoo drawn out and all ready to go, I could not wait for the day I would decide on going to the tattoo shop. But what tattoo shop was I going to? One of the things I was worried about was quality and I really did not want to have a tattoo horror story on my hands. So I went with a place my dad got one of his tattoos at, Vanity Tattoo. I figured that if they had done a good job on him that I would be taken care of just the same.

The day came when I finally decided to go get my tattoo; I brought my best friend with for support. I did a walk in without making an appointment and had some time to scope out the place before the body piercer there informed me that all the artists were busy and to make an appointment for the following day. I was bummed out I could not get it done that exact day but they made my appointment for right when the shop opened at twelve the next day so I felt a lot better.

Now that I had an appointment I felt better prepared for what I was getting myself into. The next day I was nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. Part of me just wanted to get it over with cause I knew I would be in pain during the tattoo session. Putting all negative feelings aside, I knew this would be a good experience. Once again I was bringing my best friend with me; I knew I would feel more comfortable that way.

As with what I experienced with my other body modifications, my several piercings, I knew to eat before getting my tattoo done or face getting sick. Believe me, I never had any problems before while getting any of my modifications done and did not need one especially with my first tattoo. Good old Mickey D s helped me out there. The whole way to the tattoo shop I was nervous as expected. We arrived and the tattoo artist immediately talked to me took my design, drew it up for me and up to the chair I went.

I told the artist this was my first tattoo and he was surprised I was going for my chest for the first one cause of the pain. He started and it was a pretty painful but interesting feeling I have never experienced before. But I took it like a trooper somehow even though it did hurt so badly. I sat there for an hour and a half or so while my prized stars where beautifully appearing on my chest. I knew my patience and pain were worth the end result. I was so excited to see what it would look like when it was finally completed.

The artist first drew the outlines of the stars, and then finished them off by filling them in. When the last star was filled in, I breathed a sigh of relief and got up and looked in the mirror. They looked great! I absolutely loved my new tattoo. My friend snapped a picture of my tattoo with his phone. I could not wait to show everyone. The next important thing is that I take care of it and clean it with how the artist told me. Overall the experience was well worth it and a great price of $250 made it even better. With such a good experience on my hands, in the future I am sure to get more tattoos.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Studio: Vanity+Tattoo
Location: Illinois

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