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My Cover Up

Just a bit of background to start with. I was a bit of a late bloomer with my tattoos. I always loved them, my father and brother both have a couple of tattoos and I'd always wanted to get one. It wasn't until I was about 23 when I worked up the courage to get one on my back, just a small one. The experience was great, didn't really hurt that much, but the tattoo was shocking! Within about 1 day of getting it done, I hated it. That's where this one comes in (about 10 years later).

I've moved around a lot and hadn't really had a chance to get my first tattoo covered up until recently (about a month ago). I have another tattoo, on my ankle, which I got in 2004, but that was for other reasons. I wanted this cover up to be perfect!

I went into the tattoo shop at Airlie Beach the first time and was really impressed with how clean it was and talked to the guys about how I wanted to cover up the tattoo on my back. I showed them the tattoo and they were great and recommended that I get some flowers done. I left without making an appointment and thought about 'flowers'. I'm not really a flowers type of person, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I checked out different flowers that I thought might be nice and went back a couple of weeks later and showed them the type that I wanted. They then proceeded to show me the types that they thought would look good. I agreed. I came back the next day to see what they'd drawn up, it looked good and I booked an appointment for 4 days later.....the longest 4 days of my life!! I was pretty bummed out cos my hubby booked his appointment at the same time, and got in the next day...although his was a lot smaller and was done in 45 mins, it still pissed m e off that he wasn't even going to get another one until then, but he still got in first (he's got about 5 professional tattoos and a couple that he did when he was a kid)

When I got to the shop, Aaron had a different tattoo drawn up, same type of flowers, but a bit different style, and BIGGER. It seemed like it was huge! I agreed to it because it looked beautiful. After getting the placement right, it was time to lay down and get to work. At first I was a bit jumpy, not because it hurt or anything, but because where the lines were starting, it was almost tickling, I was told to sit still or the lines would be wonky, so I sat still for the rest of the outline!! After having a break when the outline was done, it was time for the colouring. The outline was easy compared to getting the colour put in...holy crap!! Because the colours blend into each other, it was like getting 1000 nails scraped down sunburnt skin on my back. The first couple of hours of the tattoo were bearable, even enjoyable, but the last hour - hour and a half (3 and a half hours all up) was my biggest nightmare. I was in absolute pain. All I was thinking for that time was that
this better be worth it...then it was finally done.

After paying Aaron and thanking him for his time (and telling him that all tattooists are sadists, in the nicest possible meaning of the word...haha) I went home and promptly collapsed on my bathroom floor. My poor daughter thought I was dying, but after the initial bad reaction it was all good. I was just glad that the adrenalin rush got me home, a good half hours drive away.

The tattoo healed really well, and after showing everyone I know, they all think that it's awesome. Most people that I show spin out that someone like me would get tattoos, especially that size (I'm usually very quiet and reserved, until you get to know me) but I am planning on getting at least 2 more that I've designed in my head, and maybe more after that. My sister even said that she can't believe that out of all of us, I am the one that's getting the mods done (I also have a navel piercing, but that's the only piercing, so far)

I would definitely recommend Whitsunday Tattooing to anybody!! The guys are all great and Aaron really came through with a fantastic cover up that I can't help but look at whenever I go past a mirror. I will definitely be going back there for my next 2 tattoos and any others that I end up getting.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Aaron
Studio: Whitsunday+Tattooing
Location: Airlie+Beach%2C+QLD%2C+Australia

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