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Getting tattooed by Lionel “Out of Step Tattoo”, twice......

A few years ago, when I joined IAM stumbled upon a photo of a tattoo that I really liked. The artist who did the tattoo was named Lionel from Out Of Step Tattoo. I saw him featured on Modblog a few times after that. I looked at his website many times and thought about getting tattooed by him myself.

In 2007 I decided to get a tattoo by the famous Lionel, so I checked out his website and saw that he was coming to Holland in November that year. I called the studio that was hosting him (25 to life tattoos in Rotterdam) and I made an appointment.

I had to travel for three hours by train and arrived there a few hours before the appointment (which i spend looking for the tattoo studio). When I arrived there Lionel sat down with me and we just talked a little so he could get to know me a little better. After that he asked about my ideas for the tattoo. I already knew it had to be on my underarms, that the phrase "memento mori" had to be in it and I had a vague idea that had something to do with a heart. He started to draw on me with a marker and asked if I liked it. I was surprised, i've never met an tattoo artist that worked like this. I told him that I was happy with it after a few adjustments. Lionel told me to "get out" and eat something while he was preparing the tattoo equipment. When I came back he drew the tattoo on me a little better with a marker and told me to lie down. He asked if I was ready and told me he was going to tattoo a little bit to "get the feeling". After that he asked if I was ready and started t he tattooing. During the session she stopped a few time to ask me if everything was ok. I was really relaxed and had no pain, just discomfort.

When he was done he took a few photos and wrapped my underarms in Saran wrap. I was very happy with the result (and still am), the tattoo was just...... me. He gave me aftercare instructions and we said goodbye. In the train back I couldn't stop smiling.....

Skip forward a year....

After a year I got the "getting-tattooed-by-lionel" itch again. In the mean time I got my wrists tattooed two times by different local tattoo artists. But I really wanted to get my upper arms by Lionel so I checked out his website and saw that he was coming to the Amsterdam tattoo convention. I've never been to a tattoo convention before plus I wanted to get tattooed by Lionel. So I emailed him to make an appointment at the convention.

The day of the tattoo convention I was very excited. My boy and I hopped on the train to Amsterdam. When we arrived in Amsterdam I first ate some sushi to prepare myself for the session. We walked around for a bit on the tattoo convention and decided to say hi to Lionel. He told me that the appointment was a bit delayed and apologized. He told me that it could take a hour and a half before it was "my turn". I didn't mind and told him that I would come back later to see if he finished.

We walked around again to check out the other artists and people. I really enjoyed looking at the artist that were doing traditional hand poked tattoos. After smoking a shit load of cigarettes, drinking heaps of coffee and eating some food we went back to Lionel. He was almost done and told me that he was going take a break, prep his tattoo equipment and then we could get started. I watched a few minutes to the show that Lucky Diamond Rich gave away (which I could hear through most of the session because the stage was close to Lionel's stand)

This time I wanted to get two sentences from a Edith Piaff song tattooed on me and a Celtic tree of life. I already knew how Lionel worked and he started drawing on me. The tree of life on my chest and the words swirling around my upper arms subtly connecting my underarm tattoos. He told me that I had to look at it and tell him if I was happy with it. I took a look in the bathroom mirror and was very happy with it. So I went back and told him that it was oke. Unfortunately he didn't have a table so I had to sit a simple chair. He started the tattooing on my chest and like the last time he just tattooed a little bit so i could get the feeling. I had to sit with my head tilted to the back so he could tattoo my chest, which was very, very uncomfortable, not the tattooing but my neck started to cramp up after ten seconds. After two hours of tattooing he told me it was done. So I ran to the bathroom to look at it, it was simply gorgeous! He wrapped me in Sarah wrap again and took
some photos. I thanked and payed him, told him that we should keep in touch and then ran off to the train. I was very empty and tired in the train back. I guess it was from the tattoo session and the stress before it.

If you're thinking about getting tattooed by Lionel you should really do that. He's such a wonderful and unique artist. I always feel comfortable with him and he's really good at making a tattoo fit to your personality. I'll probably get another tattoo by him, I'm actually pretty sure that I will get the "itch" again within two years........


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Lionel+Out+of+Step+Tattoo
Studio: Amsterdam+tattoo+convention
Location: Amsterdam

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