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First tattoo, right foot.

I come from a very laid back family and grew up around motorcycles and tattoos. I remember growing up saying I would never get a tattoo, because of all the trouble my parents had with covering them. Like most in high school I got the itch to get a tattoo, but being to young to get one by myself I decided to wait. At eighteen I was really anxious to get one done, but I got advice from my brothers girlfriend that I am very glad I took. She told me to pick a design idea than wait a year, if I still wanted that same design then I was ready to get it done.

So, I got my design, the heart chakra. I also made the decision on where I would want it placed, my foot. I waited a year. I did research about care after and what to expect during the tattoo. As the year came to a close I started looking into tattoo parlors in my area. I was at college at the end of the year and was pretty sure I was going to get it done in Denton, but finals rolled around quickly and my dreams of a tattoo fell by the way.

After finals I traveled back home to El Paso and was greeted by my friends asking me when I was getting the tattoo done. I asked around for a good tattoo parlor and was referred to Renegades, Dan's and Sun City. I went to renegades with my hand drawn design in hand to get a quote. I walked in talked to someone who went a got a quote for me. I walked out of the parlor and was half way home when I felt regret at not getting it done then. Now I know it was a good idea. I had made up my mind to go back the follow week to get the tattoo done. At an off chance I stopped into Sun City on the way home and talked to them about the tattoo. I was really happy when the guys told me they couldn't do it, because they lines where so close that it would all just come together and look like a blob in the end. He then offered some changes that would make the tattoo last longer, and gave me a quote. I walked out realizing that I was more comfortable at Sun City then at Renegades. I went back no t thirty minutes later to make an appointment. Carlos was very nice and definitely not what I expected. We set up an appointment for the next day at noon.

The next day my friend drove me over to Sun City and I waited for Carlos to set up the equipment. I walked into the room and was surprised at the colors he had set out. In my drawing I had done a light green but didn't specify that I preferred a darker emerald green. So after a few minutes he fixed the colors. Even though I was a little scared at the colors he had decided to combine to get the color I wanted, I decided to trust him because after all he is the artist.

Carlos prepared the area by shaving it then pressing the design on. He changed his gloves and was ready to start. Let me just say the day before my mother who has three tattoos in different places told me to be prepared for the worst pain in my life, in her words "it is like someone carving into your skin with a knife." I have to say that in all honesty it didn't hurt. It felt like an intense warm almost burning sensation. I had read every where saying that the foot is one of the most painful places to get tattooed and I was really surprised that it didn't hurt one bit. Even though Carlos cracked a lot of jokes when it came to putting ink to skin he was really professional. It took about 15 minutes to commit the design to the skin and another 15 to get the right thickness of the lines. Throughout the tattoo Carlos kept asking if I was okay and told me I was doing fine. I was worried because even though it didn't hurt my foot did twitch and I was trying my hardest not to move. After it was done he cleaned and bandaged it; giving me all the care instructions. He shook my hand and asked me to come back in a week to make sure it was healing right.

I went back a week later and he told me that I was taking care of it better then he expected, jokingly. He was very insist that in two weeks when I come in again that he wanted to add more color to it to make it "pop". I really like simple designs but I will go back and see what he has to offer.

I highly recommend Carlos and Sun City. If it is your first tattoo he will tattoo you in his boxers even though he didn't for me, which I will bring up if I do end up getting color added.

As of right now the tattoo is about a week old and is very itchy, which means it is healing. I used aquaphor for the first five days then switched to coco butter. I washed it before I added more aquaphor with Dial soap about three times a day. I am really happy with it and I think it is mostly because I did so much research and made sure I was ready for it. I recommend waiting and not rushing into a tattoo design, making sure to get a good artist, ask around, and make sure you are comfortable with the tattoo shop if you feel weird asking for a quote in the shop there is no way you will feel any better getting at tattoo in that shop.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Carlos
Studio: Sun+city+tattoo
Location: El+Paso

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