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back tattoo

I have always loved tattoos. I have always thought that they had an enhancing and decorative purpose. To date I have had my left breast tattooed and my back. I have also had some piercings though they are of the garden variety kind, i.e., nothing shocking or strange.. My bellybutton and my ears. Bmezine has opened up my eyes to whole other possibilities which I might never have thought of. But also more importantly has alerted me to the dangers of tattoos and piercings/ scarification etc...

I know that finding a good tattoo artist is very important as I have read the experiences of BME members. I have only found the BME site as of late however and so only recently have had access to the experience and wisdom of tattoo veterans. These stories may have helped me a few years ago as I went to get my first and second tattoos. I had no idea about how to find out about reputations as none of my friends had tattoos and I also had no idea of the pain of getting a tattoo so close to a bone.

I have my tattoo about 2 years now. I had decided to get it as i didn't like the space on my back above my butt! It just seemed very blank and I wanted to put something on it. I went into th shop and mixed some designs together. I had heard that Tommy had a good reputation and they ran a clean shop. I had previously got a tattoo on my left breast and that had not hurt much so i figured this would be the same.... little did i know!!! I fund out later it was due to the fact that there is a lot of fat in my breast that that tattoo did not hurt and so when I got my back tattoo done on me it hurt like hell as it was primarily done on and around my bones and the pain was a huge and horrible surprise!

The place I had my breast tattoo was also in Temple Bar but they weren't great. The man who did it was a bit pervy and I didn't feel I could trust him 100 percent but he did a good job in the end, though it was a cover-up and my first tattoo so I was delighted not to have the pre offending mark on me, it was covered up with a butterfly signifying change from the previous part of my life where I had got the mark from.

Anyway back to the back tattoo story...It was so sore I had to stop and felt dizzy and all! Every time he went on my bone was the worst and then the colouring in part was very sore too. I would have happily left half way through but i knew I probably would not return to finish the job.. I had to sit on a chair and bend down for about three hours and a few times I got dizzy but I he stopped and gave me breaks when I needed them. I didn't enjoy the pain like others on this forum have said I was dying for it to be over but I stuck it through.. I think it went on for three hours... or two... though it seemed to go on forever!

However in saying all this i do love my tattoo. I love the finished result but I didn't love the pain of getting it done! It is a tribal design... It has faded somewhat now though but I dread getting him to go over it so much that I probably won't! I have gone out in the sun too much and exposed it to much. So I would advise anyone to put extra sun block or just take better care of your tattoo as it becomes more part of you and not the tattoo you got on you. The other thing that is kinda funny is that as I put on weight the tattoo grows with me, so it doesn't look as nice at all and when I lose it it looks abetter again! . so for younger people thinking of getting a tattoo (even though it's not legal it still happens) I have to say you must wait as your body will change and your tattoo will not be the same as you get older..

I love body ink in general and am looking forward to my next one. I am thinking of getting a foot tattoo soon with text. I have got some great ideas of design and font from this site. At least I know this time that it will be painful so i am prepared. The tattoo artist who did my back was great and he gave me breaks every few minutes when I needed them. I went in on my own to get the tattoo and next time i think i will drag a friend as it is nice to have someone to share the story with as you come out.

I am delighted to have found this site and to share my experience and share in the experience and wisdom of these having gone before me to warn of dangers and pain factors of tattoos piercings and other body mods..

Thanks BMEzine...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: tommy
Studio: classic+ink
Location: temple+bar+dublin+ireland

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