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My first tattoo

I have only been interested in bodymods for a relatively short time, but since I have been, they have been at the forefont of my mind almost every day.

My parents, however, are against it completely and have made their willingness to throw me out of the house clear if I get anything they disapprove of. As such, the number of my mods is still pretty low.

I had many tattoos planned, but none I could have without moving out of my house first, and I was prepared to wait. Then, though, one of my friends said 'You know, you should really get a tattoo', and the seed of an idea was planted.

I knew that at some point I wanted some Motion City Soundtrack lyrics, and decided that now was the perfect time to do it. I pored over their c.d. booklets, trying to find my favourite of their lyrics that meant a lot to me (as there are many!) yet was short enough to have as a smallish tattoo. Whilst listening to their album, I found it; 'All we are are memories'. I know it may seem a bad idea to get a band tattoo, as tastes etc change, but I think it is a perfect lyric to have as a tattoo - a tattoo I wanted to remind me of being 18 and my life as it is now, before I move to London in 6 months.

As soon as I decided on the lyric, I almost instantly realised where it would fit perfectly - the bottom of my stomach. And so with this I reserached lettering tattoos almost endlessly until the day finally came to have it tattooed onto my body for good.

I had purposely not made an appointment with a tattoo studio initially, as I knew that I would get more and more worked up about it as the days passed, and would not go in the end. So, I met my friend who was coming with me in Manchester at about 11. I hadn't eaten by this point, and so was planning to go to the Studio in Afflecks, where a few of my friends had been tattooed, see if I could book an appointment for later that afternoon, go and get lunch, and come back later. When I got there though, I was informed they had no free slots until Friday - 5 whole days away! I was quoted £40 and left my design and a £20 deposit with them.

I was determined to have it done that day though, and decided on going to Studio 81 to ask if they had any free slots today. I had heard such good things about the studio and their reputation that I was somewhat intimidated - the reason I didn't go there in the first place! As I walked up the stairs into the waiting room though, I couldn't have been more wrong. I was greeted by a very nice man who asked how he could help. I said that I knew it was a long shot, but I was wondering if they had any free appointments today. The guy smiled and said 'We can do you now, our 11am hasn't shown up, so an appointment has just become free!'. I decided that it was fate, and that I was meant to have it there and then.

The tattooist (whos name i THINK was John-Paul, apologies if it's wrong!) came to see what I wanted. I told him it was lettering and he showed me the studio's book of fonts. However, I had found the perfect font that I wanted on the internet a few days earlier and had printed it off ready. BUT I'd left it at Afflecks! My friend ran across the road to get it from the Studio for me whilst I filled in the consent form and watched as two very relaxed looking men were getting tattooed in the studio itself. Both the receptionist and the tattooist were laughing at how scared I was!

He looked at my design and decided it would need no stretching or anything, and he went into the studio to set up, and called me through.

He did all the preparation and sent me to look in the mirror at the stencil. Even without it being tattooed it was just how I imagined and I was already in love.

He said that because it would only take ten minutes he wouldn't get a bed out - he made me perch on the edge of a chair, leaning right back. He asked if I was sure I was ready, and when I said yes, he set to work.

To be honest, the pain was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. The bits near my hipbone were the most painful, it felt as though my whole bone was vibrating! It was over really quickly though, and I think that was purposeful!

He let me look in the mirror and I was absolutely overwhelmed that it was on me, forever! He quickly went through aftercare with me (my only criticism of the studio - there was no aftercare sheet) and sent me to the receptionist to pay. They only charged me £25 - £15 less than the Studio! I left a tip though, as they made me feel so comfortable.

Overall I would definitely recommend Studio 81 - I for one will definitely be going back!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: John-Paul+%28i+think%29
Studio: Studio+81
Location: Manchester%2C+UK

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