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My first tattoo at age 16.

Ok so I just got my first tattoo a few days ago: a triquetra on the back of my neck. I know many of you are thinking I am way too young to have a tattoo but I have been wanting this one for over a year and a half and have thought through it many times.

I have 17 piercings and decided I needed a body modification that wasn't a piercing. So I asked my mom about it about a year ago and of course she said no and that I needed to think about it more. I didn't complain. I waited and asked her again a few weeks ago that if I got straight A's if I could get a tattoo. She said if it was small I could. So I decided I was going to work really hard the last few weeks of school to get my two B's up to A's.

But, on Saturday, May 24th, me and my mom were out on errands and I really didn't want to go but I made a deal with her that if I went she would at least take me to the tattoo place and see how much it would cost. I didn't plan on getting it then thought since school wasn't even out and I definitely didn't have straight A's.

So we did our errands then went to the tattoo place, Tribal Rites. I've been there for the majority of my piercings and would never go anywhere else. I asked to talk to a tattoo artist and the counter guy sent me over to Dean. I was both nervous and excited at the same time to talk to Dean about a tattoo. I was nervous because I knew Dean was still an apprentice and might not do as well as a more experienced tattoo artist but I was also excited because I've known Dean for awhile. He used to be my brother's best friend and he always recognizes me when I'm in there for a piercing.

So I handed him a picture of the triquetra I wanted and asked him how much it would cost. He said it'd be about 80 bucks (which I thought was kind of a lot but decided I would get it anyways.)

He asked when I wanted it done and I asked him if he was busy today and he said nope. We talked to my mom about it and he asked her if she was okay with it and she said to go ahead with it. (I have a feeling she was in a good mood.)

He asked how old I was and I said 16 and asked if they tattooed people under 18 and he said yes, as long as there is parental permission. I was very relieved to hear that. I didn't have my I.D. at the time though since I wasn't actually planning on getting it so we had to run home and get it and my money.

We got back to Tribal Rites about 45 minutes later and Dean started setting up while me and my mom signed papers. Dean cleaned my neck off with some cold stuff and put the stencil on. I looked in the mirror and thought it was good. He made some small talk as he got everything ready which I thought was nice because the other tattoo artists that was there wasn't talking to anyone. Then he had me sit down and bend my neck as far down as I could.

I hear the buzz of the machine and he said he was going to make a small line so I could feel what it felt like and decide if I could go through with it. He did the short line and it wasn't too bad. It just kind of felt like someone was slicing my skin with a razor blade. I told him to just continue so he did. The outline was the worst. I was wincing a lot and balling my hands into fists. The outline took about a half hour and then he did the solid black. That just felt like someone was scratching my skin really hard.

It took about 45 minutes in total and it wasn't that bad at all except my neck hurt A LOT from bending down. That was the worst part. He cleaned me up and touched up a few white parts then let me look at it. I thought it was awesome and two girls that were there were amazed that I went through with it.

He cleaned me up one more time and bandaged me. He told me the aftercare then I went and paid. It was only 75 bucks but i gave Dean a 10 buck tip.

I was supposed to keep the bandage on for 2-4 hours but it only stayed on for an hour because I was moving my head too much. I cleaned it with warm soapy water like they told me and put some A+D on it that they gave me. It feels like a really bad sun burn right now and I can't wear a shirt that rubs against it. For the first few hours I could actually feel the heat from it but now it only hurts if something touches it. Hopefully it will heal well. I already love tattoos and can't wait for my next one :)


submitted by: HeavenlyDemonick-1
on: 29 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dean
Studio: Tribal+Rites
Location: Westminster%2C+Co

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