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At least my ribs can't kill my cats Part 3

[Part 1 | Part 2]

It was time.

I had been thinking about this day for the past week, debating whether or not to cancel the appointment, as the pain was still fresh in my mind, and my last tattoo session had been a month ago! It being my third session, I had not put down a deposit, so I wouldn't be out anything. Still, it's not a nice thing to do to your artist.

I sighed, and started walking the mile to Adorn Body Art.

I greeted Austin, who instantly demanded that I show him how far along the Stargazers were coming. He whistled, impressed, while a couple of girls sitting on the couch leaned over, subtly, trying to catch a glance.

I settled into the animal-print couch and waited for about twenty minutes for Anne, who was busy doing... something. I calmed the butterflies in my stomach by people-watching: it's fun watching people come in to discuss their first tattoos or piercings.

Anne finally brought me back to her room, which we shared with Bonnie, who was doing a drawing for for someone. I didn't mind; she's seen me topless before, and it's not like she was going to be watching me, anyway.

I laid down on my side, 'in the position,' before Anne even had to tell me. I took a deep, shuddering breathe, and Anne laughed at me.

I had no idea that this session would be so easy, especially since the last session literally took my breath away.

For the first few seconds, I shut my eyes, remembering how much it had hurt before.


I ended up opening my eyes, slightly confused. I could feel the needle, and yet - it didn't really hurt. It felt a lot more like how the outline did, rather than how the second session did. When Anne stopped for a second, I let out a huge sigh of relief: not for the fact that she stopped, but because this did not hurt nearly as much as I had anticipated.

This session, we had agreed to just finish the green and then do the little pink dots on the lilies. Start to finish, the session took maybe 45 minutes.

The green still hurt. A lot, though only in the armpit region. However, since my ribs weren't raw and bleeding like last time, the pain was a lot more tolerable, even though she still had parts to do near my armpit. I ended up only sucking in my breath only once or twice during the green, which impressed me.

"Breathe, baby, breathe."

Other than that, it went amazingly well. During the part where she put the little pink dots in the flowers, it actually felt almost good; it seemed like she was tickling me with the needle, or some kind of strange massage.

I was finally able to relax now, it seemed. I just laid back, watching myself in the mirror, occasionally glancing at Bonnie, who was still hunched over her work.

The green, which had been the worst part of my tattoo thus far, ended only after only maybe 15-20 into this current session, which surprised me. I started to wonder if maybe I would have been able to handle it all last session, and then I remembered the pain I had felt. Never mind.

The little pink dots were so relaxing that I honestly felt like I might drift off to sleep. I had always thought people that had that reaction to being tattooed were crazy, but here I was, so relaxed. So unexpected.

Just as I was slowly drifting off the buzz of the tattoo machine, Anne told me that she had finished what we were going to do today. I was surprised; the session had gone incredibly quickly it seemed, especially since I hadn't even taken any breaks this time. I stood up, and Anne inspected me once again, commenting that I didn't even bleed this time. I stretched, my arms slightly sore from holding them over my head the entire time, and she reached over to wrap my tattoo up.

As I got dressed, Anne complimented me, saying how well I had done this time, and that next session should be the last, assuming I do as well as I did.

I was ecstatic. Only one more session to go, and then I was done with this tattoo! Not that I didn't enjoy my sessions, but I was just so excited to see the final product that I couldn't wait.

3 sessions down, 1 to go.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Anne
Studio: Adorn+Body+Art
Location: Portland%2C+OR

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