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Save the Ta-Ta's...with a tattoo

So I have always been into piercings so stepping up and deciding to get a tattoo should not have been hard right? So wrong... For my 1st I decided to get a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon along with two purple stars.

After my Godfather Ronnie died when I was in the tenth grade I knew that I wanted to honor him in someway. Ronnie had a Blue rose tattoo on his arm that always captivated me.

My first design was a purple ribbon (Purple being for all cancer) with his name and dates inside. Little after his death however my moms' best friend Pat died of Lung cancer. This compelled me to add to the list.

I did not like the purple ribbon and names anymore so that left me to continue to think. I also did not like any longer the placement being on my shoulder blade. By this time I was in 11th grade I think.

When I was a senior in high school my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The only thing I knew at the time was that cancer = death. Luckily my mom is alive and kicking today. YAY! I have not always been close with her but we are starting to get better at this relationship thing we have going...

For my 20th birthday I decided that since I had gotten pierced the past 2 years, I wanted to get my tattoo finally, I just had not finished the design and all. The only this I knew was that I definitely wanted it on my right leg near my ankle but not right above. I drew it up and added and deleted for about 4 months after my birthday (may 26)

Finally came up with what I wanted and it stuck. I complained for months about wanting to get it. And now was the time. It was not until I went to my job one sat. (Feb. '08) and a couple of girls had gone to get tattoos that I gained my courage. I ended up talking my friends Tasha and Denzel into going with me.

I went home that day and told my parents about what I had planned. My dad already knew what I wanted. My mom however did not know and I had wanted to surprise her. So was kind of pissed off that I was going but she did say anything. I was so nervous, that I had a hard time eating dinner.

I left the house and met my friends. We decided that we were going to go to 138tattoo but they were closed when we got there so after debating in the car on the ride back, we decided to go and 'look' at abstract art. I had been there once back when I was 15 and I did not remember it well, except it being sparkling clean.

Once we got there, Steven met us. We looked around a little at the flash to get my butterflies out (they were slowly turning into moths). I told him what I was looking for and he went and drew it up. When he showed it to me it was exactly what I was trying for only better. So it was now or never...

Steven got things ready and I got comfy on the table thingy. He placed the design and asked me if I liked it and all that jazz. Then he asked me if I was ready... I was like "yep" and I remember him saying that the outline would be the worst...

The outline was nothing it was the colors that hurt a little. It was not bad, but it definitely was not a bed of roses. When he got towards my ankle, my toe vibrated a little. It was a very weird sensation. The pain kind of felt like a knife running down my leg, but not really cutting into it. By the time it started to go numb, he was finished. It was not what I was expecting but I guess that is a good thing because I was expecting torture, which it definitely was not.

Afterwards it was not bad. Kind of like a bruise. The next day I could feel it sting every once in a while, but that was it. The only sucky parts were the fact that I had to walk into Wal-Mart with a paper towel taped over my leg in search of A&D, and the next day I had to be at work, I wound up pulling my pant leg upwards because the jeans were rubbing it and that made it kind of hurt.

Now it is May 08 and I would not change it for the world. I have had so many people come up to me and share their stories good and bad and it's nice that it can make people come together whether it was happy or sad. My mom was really shocked that I did that for her although the purple stars are for others, she was not as mad once she seen it. That was a huge relief. Though I do not typically care what people think, I still want my mom to be happy.

I have always known I would have many but I'm glad I chose this one for the first. I am also glad that Steven ended up doing this one because he was so friendly, and he did a wonderful job with it... so YAY!!!


submitted by: rockerchild14
on: 09 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Steven+Rudd
Studio: Abstract+Art
Location: Gloucester+Virginia+%28+hayes+area%29

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