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At least my ribs can't kill my cats. Part 1

I love Stargazer lilies; they're my favorite flower. So, from boyfriends and my father I would these beautiful flowers on Valentine's day and other celebratory days (like landing a job, etc). However, early this year I noticed pollen on my kitten and freaked - I had known in the back of my mind that lilies were poisonous to cats, but had never really thought of it. After scrubbing down the kitten (and recieving upwards of 20 scratches and bites for my hard work) I decided to finally get my tattoo that I had wanted for years: stargazers on my ribs. After all, I finally had the incentive and my client had just paid me, so I had money to blow.


I strolled down to Adorn Body Art, which is conveniently located only about a mile away from me. Austin greeted me, and I explained that I wanted a tattoo on my ribs. I then pulled out a piece of paper that had another tattoo on it, and explained that I wanted something like that, but not like that. Austin nodded and then called Anne over, who would be doing my tattoo. We discussed it for a few minutes, then I handed over my deposit. Next thing was to set up what time. Austin asked if Friday would be fine (this was Tuesday). Not expecting that soon at all, I said "yes!" without even thinking. Once it sunk it, I was terrified.

Friday came and back to Adorn I went. I greeted Austin and waited for Anne to call me back, where I would strip off the top half of my clothes and basically flash almost everyone that works there. Oh well. After all, it's not like tattoo artists and piercers haven't seen breasts before, right?

Anne applied the transfer and I decided it was perfect on the first go.

I laid down on my side, my right arm cocked above my head (which was not comfortable). Anne made a comment about how since she had to basically lie on top of me for this, hopefully we both wore deodorant or some equivalent. She then sniffed my armpit. "Patchouli?" she asked, and I answered in the affirmative. She responded, "I used to be a hippie."

I then had to pick out a sharpie (I picked the hot pink one, and she then told me I was cute - all about the pink. Only later did it dawn on me I picked a pink marker and I am having pink flowers tattooed on me).

Finally, the actually tattooing. Honestly, not nearly as painful as I anticipated. I was thinking it would be somewhat equivalent to my broken ankle pain. No. While I did grit my teeth and bite my lips in some spots (oh god, near the armpit!) it was more or less fine. Not something I'd do for relaxing, but considering I was having needles go in and out of my flesh, above my rib cage, it was more than tolerable.

Half-way, she suggested I take a break, as I was starting to shake. She got me a glass of water and a Capri Sun, and I downed a granola bar I had brought with me. As I sat there, I asked her what was the most painful spot to get tattooed. She looked at me and laughed, saying "you mean besides the ribs?"

The last half was slightly worse than the first half, but still tolerable. I was starting to shake a lot, though, probably from shock.

As she finished the outline, she told me that I had barely bled, which was great. I would probably heal quite easily. Throughout the session, she kept telling me how great I was doing.

After I got wrapped up and dressed, we walked out and she commented to Austin how great I did. He asked me how it went, and I told him it hurt much less than I thought it would. He looked kind of surprised.

I set up an appointment again for my second session, which would be in roughly three weeks - on Valentine's day. What a way to celebrate. We talked about how much we would do the next session, deciding that we would probably just do the green.

Taking the bandage off later would prove to be the most painful part from this session. It insisted on sticking to me and attempting to rip off my flesh. My skin was a bit raw in places, so showers were not much fun for the next few days - plus, the little sticky parts stayed on me for a good week or two.

It would be worth it, though, for my pretty flowers...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Anne
Studio: Adorn+Body+Art
Location: Portland%2C+OR

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