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My first of many

Before I get started I must say I loved the idea of getting a tattoo but I was never sure if I'd have the guts to go through with it so this was a big thing for me. Oh yeah and I am an Aussie so if anything sounds strange that's probably it. :)

Alright. I recently turned 18 and for a long time now I've been interested in getting a tattoo. I'd been inspired by my father who has two (one on each shoulder blade) and I'd also had a very encouraging and interesting boss who had provided me with much knowledge to do with me getting piercings and now a tattoo as well. I'd spent probably 6 - 12 months trying to decide what design to get done and I had a couple which I was tossing up between, it'd even gone to a vote on my myspace where I posted a whole heap of designs and asked people to choose their favourite.

As soon as I turned 18 I started looking around for a place to get the work done. I spent a while driving around and checking places out and looking up businesses on the internet and in the end I was recommended to a relatively local place by a friend of mine who just recently got her first tattoo done there as well.

It was all set knew exactly what I wanted (the Coheed and Cambria logo) so one Tuesday after university I drove down there and made an appointment for the coming Friday. I walked in there and was amazed by the amount of designs in books and on the walls and was happily looking for a second while I waited. When I was served I was surprised by their eagerness to help and they were happy to do the design I provided myself. I told them I just wanted it in black too which they were more than happy with. So I was quoted on my design and told I'd probably be in there for 2 hours before it was finished. I was booked in with Tom who also had done my friend and she thought he was fantastic so I was happy.

On Friday I was the first one in at opening time so I rocked up just before 12 and ran into my artist out the front of the store. Initially I was just very impressed by his numerous piercings and tattoos (I like and have a few piercings as well) and once I got past his appearance I found him to be a very friendly guy. Being in first and right on opening meant I got to watch all the preparation (and check out all the posters and photos of people's tats on the walls) and I must admit seeing the gun for the first time made me a tad apprehensive but it was still very cool despite my fears. I was glad to see all the sterilizing equipment and that the place was clean and from then on there was no way I was going to chicken out so we got started. The design was stenciled on and I checked in the mirror that it was in the right place and the size I wanted and as soon as I agreed we got underway.

I must admit the noise was slightly annoying but I found it really hurt very little, though mine wasn't done over bone or anything just on my arm. The process was very interesting to watch and I repeatedly found myself staring at my arm as it slowly turned black as well as admiring my artist's much more impressive artworks up and down both arms. In just over an hour we were done and I was very happy with the result. We then proceeded to settle up the payment and I was once again run through the care process very thoroughly and provided with everything i needed including their card just incase something went wrong.

Now I've had it for just under a week and its healing nicely. It impressed me that the design was not altered at all and it is perfect right down to the finest detail. It was a bit painful for the first day or so to move around so it must have looked fairly amusing as I babied my arm for a while but the tenderness quickly went away. I must say it has provided me with plenty of positive feedback and I'm very impressed. I'm so glad I had the guts to go and do it and I'm sure I'll be going back soon enough to get another because I love it! And I must thank the guys from Expressive Designs in Melbourne for helping me out and making sure I had a very enjoyable experience getting inked and I hope this is inspiration for others not to be scared and to go out and get it done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Expressive+designs
Location: mentone%2C+victoria

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