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A Second Demonic Experience

For years I have been getting tattoos and piercings and for more years than that I have loved tattoos and piercings. The first time that I went to see Mike was about a year ago. Then, as now, I live in Victoria, British Columbia. My primary reason for traveling to Edmonton was to visit my mother for a while. However, a few months before my trip out there it occurred to me that traveling to Edmonton would give me the perfect opportunity to save up some money and get a tattoo from an artist that I would not normally have access to. After doing some research, I discovered Mike's portfolio on Iam and decided that he would be the artist for me. I contacted him a couple of months before my trip out there, made an appointment and set everything in motion. I came out of that trip with a mostly black and grey demon skull on my shoulder.

After returning home I began to consider turning my demonic skull into a full arm piece. It had been in the back of my mind when I first got it and I made a point of mentioning the possibility to my artist before he even started working on it. During the next couple of months that idea turned into a definite plan. So, a couple of months before my next trip out to Edmonton I contacted Mike again and once again we made plans for an appointment. I told him that I wanted to begin working on a full arm sleeve but that I wanted to do it one piece at a time because I had limited funds and because I could only get out to Edmonton a couple of times a year. I sent him the pictures for my ideas of what I wanted and pretty much left the rest up to him. I trusted him completely to come up with something excellent. All that was left to do after that was wait.

Eventually the time came with I again flew out to Edmonton and a couple of days after arriving I made my way over to Ritualistics. I ended up waiting for Mike to arrive for about half an hour and then it was another half an hour of waiting while he drew up my tattoo. While waiting I talked to the others in the lobby and read a book that I had brought with me. I never go anywhere without my book. At this point I didn't have much nervousness since I had been through this several times before but I definitely had some excitement. There is just nothing in the world quite like the experience if getting a new tattoo.

Eventually I was called into the tattooing room. Looking at the picture that had been drawn up for me, I couldn't have been happier. It was a second skull to go below the first one. We put the transfer on skin and then I sat down to wait for my artist to prepare his tools. The first touch of the tattoo machine on flesh was, as usual for me, a bit of a shock, but that quickly died down to a sort of dull ache. I can't say that getting tattooed didn't hurt, because it did, but the pain was more than bearable. As usual Mike played good heavy metal from his laptop during the whole experience, which, as a fan of heavy metal, only enhanced the experience for me.

The entire tattoo took about 4 hours, with a fifteen minute break part way through so that I could stretch my legs and Mike could go for a smoke break. Throughout this time my mother wandered in and out, but I think that the entire experience bored her a bit. One humorous moment for me was when Mike called my mother hot. I could only take that as a compliment, blood of my blood and all that. The other artists also wandered in and out on occasion to see how it was going. I kind of liked being the center of attention a little bit.

Eventually the tattoo was finished. We had planned to put in a bit of a background to match the other background, but I had run out of time and we agreed that the background would be done the next time I came over there. All of the excess ink and blood was wiped off, lotion was put on it, and plastic wrap wrapped around it. I ended up tipping Mike with cookies because I simply didn't have any money to spare. I felt terrible about not tipping properly but hopefully the homemade cookies made up for it. I removed the plastic wrap later that night and then followed my usual aftercare regime. About 3 times a day, or whenever it was needed, I put a very light coating of Glaxal Base onto my fresh tattoo. I cleaned it in the shower but otherwise made certain not to get it wet. The soreness went away after a few days and the itchiness went away a few days after that. Overall it was very easy to heal.

Currently my sleeve in progress goes almost down to my elbow on the front side of my arm. I am hoping that the next time I add to it I will get something on the back side of my arm in order to complete the upper part of my sleeve. Overall I am extremely happy with Mike's work. Its a little difficult traveling to get such a major piece done because it takes so long between sessions, but in my mind it is worth it for the high quality of work that I receive.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mike+Manson
Studio: Ritualistics
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta

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