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Wicked Jester- Session 1-Back of Head Tattoo

Wicked Jester- Session 1-Back of Head Tattoo : 3-29-2008

On Saturday, March 29th myself, my wife and two of our friends, drove from my apartment, in Neillsville WI, to Tomah Tattoo studio, which is located about 63.44 miles, or 1 hr, 15 minutes away. The reason for this trip, was, because a few of us had appointments to get tattooed, by the very talented tattoo artists; Steve May, one of the owners of Tomah tattoo Studio; Dave Fox, The other person who owns Tomah tattoo studio, And Clay Fox, a new tattoo artist that started there. Clay is also Dave's brother and a very great artist in his own right. Steve, Dave and Clay are the only artists who work at Tomah Tattoo Studio at this time.

I originally made this appointment for a tattoo I had planned for over two years; in which I wanted a jester tattooed on the back of my head, with the majority of the jester's hat, being tattooed not only on the jester himself, but also on the top of my scalp. This, once finished, would represent and symbolize the character of the jester, being connected to my soul and being one with my own being and identity. The reason why I planned this tattoo for over two years is simple. I always try to plan every tattoo and think about it would a long period of time. Than if I still want it done, I would have given it the right amount of thought. Another reason why it took me so long to decide on a date for the tattoo, was because I couldn't really find the design I felt I would be happy with. That all changed however after looking over Thorin's work; Thorin is the main artist/writer for the Wicked Jester clothing line, For more on his art go to: www.Wickedjester.com or www.StalkingTheFlock.com. After I saw the work of the artist Thorin , especially his version of the Jester, I knew that I had found the jester I was looking for, for my head tattoo and even have many more tattoos planned from his Jester Drawings.

That being said I picked out the drawing/jester I thought would hit my head design the best and called up my friend Dave Fox, who I had selected to do the tattoo; Although I must state that I love the work I have seen from all the artists from Tomah Tattoo, I have been tattooed many times from Steve and plan to get some from Clay. In fact my wife ended up getting tattooed by Clay on Saturday; She got five killer looking Bats on her side, which turned out better than the drawing and Steve did a great Fighting Irishman on my friend John's left arm. Steve is also reasonable for all of my green and yellowish-gold, Jester, criss-cross colored work on my lower arms. With other tattooed sessions as well as upper arms, all planned out with him. Anyway getting back to the story, with the appointment set we were on our way to Tomah to get tattooed.

We arrived in Tomah a little after 11:30 a.m. However since the studio doesn't open till about noon and being that we were all hungry anyway, we stopped at KFC and chilled and had a bite to eat. About 20 minutes went by and we were on the road again. When we finally arrived at the shop, with a bit more time to spear, I saw clay, through a closed door and after a few light knocking he let us in and we waited for Steve and Dave.

Steve and Dave came in about ten minutes later. We talked to Clay and Steve a bit about the designs their were going to do for my wife and my friend John. And than it was time for talk and set, for my head tattoo. I had originally printed out a 8" x 10" glossy picture, at the pharmacy in town, of the wicked jester I wanted to get tattoo. Knowing that the design was going to be a bit bigger than most, I wanted Dave to have a clear image to draw from. He drew out the image, indicating that he was just going to do the back of the head for this session, leaving the Jester hat-scalp tattoo for a second session. However I figured that because again, this was a big peace and that way he could put more into just this session.

After we talked more about the session and both of us were happy, Dave finished his "Wicked Jester" drawing and quickly made a stencil to get the right placement upon the back of my head. I must also note that I had my wife shave my head bald, with an electric and than regular four-blade razor. Because having him shave off all of my hair would have both taking too much time and really should have been his reasonability. For tattoos that are larger in size one should always think about shaving the area themselves. It makes it easier for the tattooist to worry about the tattoo and the tattoo only.

Once the stencil was laid out on my head, Dave had me take one quick look at it, using a mirror he has near his station and a huge mirror that sits near the door to the tattoo studio. Everything checked out and I even got the opinions of my wife and friends, being that the design was on my head. They gave us the thumbs up and soon Dave was off to work, with me patently waiting and feeing every second in the chair.

The session itself was great. The pain wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be, given the area of the tattoo and Dave did a wonderful job, taking his time to create a better than expected tattoo. I am very happy with the work and can't wait for the next session of this piece. Where Dave will complete the tattoo, by adding the rest of the Jester hat onto my scalp. I, as well as everyone with me enjoyed being at Tomah Tattoo Studio and we will defiantly be back for more sessions.

As for the after care of this tattoo it was a little different than other tattoos. As the hair grow it becomes harder and harder to heal the tattoo. Applying ointment or even lotion is a struggle the more the hair grows. Also, as with most tattoos, once the piece begins to scab up and the scab begins to flake off. The pieces of flaking skin can get caught in the hair, however as the hair grow the dead skin will rise and be pushed off. Eventually falling away.

Lastly, a small note, if you get this sort of tattoo it is always best to wait to allow it to heal completely before shaving your head again. I recommend at least 2-3 weeks after you get the tattoo.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dave+Fox
Studio: Tomah+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Tomah+Wisconsin

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