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My first tattoo, going big!

Having being born with Cystic Fibrosis and having to take countless pills each day to keep my body ticking, it came as quite a shock when I was 14 and my doctor advised me against a tablet I'd been taking fo as long as I can remember. At this time, I had some small whitehead spots on my shoulders and chest- which I guessed were normal for any teen. But once I stopped these tablets the spots turned to cysts and big scabs and in the end up I had to take a 6 month course of Roaccutain (sp?) not to mention I was put back onto the tablets that I was advised not to take. However, it left me with a lot of scars on the areas covered in the cysts.

I've always been into tattoos and watching my Uncle tattoo when I was younger and I've considered it as a career path I'd like to follow, although I'm studying Graphic Design right now.To treat the scars I was referred to countless Plastic Surgeons and Specialists who all said that lasers wouldn't help, they even went as far as trying a new laser out on me and waiting for something like a miracle to happen. This wasn't the case however and I was still stuck with scars. And althought over the years the scars have faded they are still noticable and have effected my confidence and such. I then decided that covering them with a tattoo would be cheaper, faster and more aesthetically pleasing to me, and would hopefully help me regain some confidence in myself.

I went to Body Ayr in Ayr, Scotland- just near where I live.I explained my situation to tattoo artist Sean, who has done some work on my Dad including a panther, tiger and snake- So I had confidence in his abilit y to draw animals and felt I was making the right decision about who I was choosing to do the work. He told me that the scars on my chest were not suitable for tattoo's as they had a "silky" appearance and could tear. But my back was fine and would take well to a black and grey tattoo.

I was drawing out several ideas and thinking about what I wanted when I made the decision to go for a full backpiece. After drawing out several Oriental pieces including Koi Fish and Geishas, I thought I would be better going for something that would suit Black and Grey and I thought about a wolf, as they are one of my favourite animals. I then drew out a charcoal and chalk piece of a pack of wolves, some evergreen trees and a full moon and continued to change it to suit what I wanted and was fully comfortable with with I was going to get. When I took the piece to Sean and booked my appointment he seemed pleased and I gave him permission to change anything he wanted because I feel that as a tattoo artist, he knows what works best and what-not.

The actual tattoo itself is being done in approx ten sittings at one and a half hours each.

I felt that my first sitting was good, I took the pain well and chatted through it and it was over in no time. The whole outline is done now, excluding the sky and ground as they will be filled entirely with the shader.
Sean only changed a few things. One being the position of the moon and the placement of one wolf. The first sitting was completed in just over an hour. I was later told that I would pay a very reasonable price of £40 per hour for the rest of my sittings and booked two further appointments that will take place in April and May.

I have full trust in this artist as I have seen what his finished work has turned out like for other people and cannot wait for the tattoo to be complete, even if everyone thinks I'm nuts for getting a backpiece for a first tattoo. Even though the work was done just hours ago I'm already dying to show it off to friends and family and I've almost forgotten about the scars on my back completely. Although my chest remains a bomb-site. I do plan on going back to Sean for all my tattoo's in the future, so long as he keeps tattooing, I'll keep going! I have plans for some work on my chest but I first need to wait for the scars to heal to a stage where they would take to a tattoo.

Here's some photos of the work so far;


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Sean
Studio: Body+Art
Location: Ayr%2C+Scotland.

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