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My First Tattoos

I got my first tattoos done just over 7 months ago. I had been throwing around the idea of getting one done on each wrist, but hadn't finished playing with my designs. So I opted to get an arrow on the back of my legs; One on each Achilles Tendon. They're about a centimeter wide and 2 inches long, in solid black.

I'm 19 years old, and for these to be my first, a lot of people were trying to talk me into getting something done on a less painful place. But I was pretty intent on getting my achilles tattooed first. I don't know why they were the ones that had to be first, considering I have a few more to get. I only plan on having 6 in total.

My brother Josha called a friend of his, who usually does all of his work, and he suggested we go down to Caloundra, because they had some openings. Josh made the appointment for me and the next day we journeyed on down and I took along my drawing of the arrow that I wanted. It is a symbol of the Norse (Viking Mythology) God, Tyr - a one armed warrior who was told he would never amount to anything, and subsequently became the Norse God of War. The arrow means strength, purpose, and direction. I figured it would make sense to put a strong point on the weakest part of the body.

When I got to the studio, I was only very slightly nervous, even after hearing my brother explain the kind of pain. I was booked into see Angelo, and after learning where I wanted it, he tried to talk me into getting something else in another less painful area, as this would be my first time. I said I was fine with the achilles, and he drew up the stencils and away we went. At first I only wanted the outline done, but Angelo said they would look a bit random, and he suggested I have them filled in. Before we started, he said, "I'll do a little line just so you know what it feels like", and after he did that, i turned around and said, "Is that it?", and he said, "yep, that's what a tattoo feels like....In that area".

It didn't hurt as badly as what I'd been told! I was very surprised, but I have to admit, the shading hurt me the most. As I have an arrow on both achilles, I'd say the left one hurt a little more than the right. I was content during the process, and almost started to fall asleep. For me, the pain was quite relaxing. I'm used to having deep tissue massage on my legs (I play college tennis) and that puts me to sleep. Aside from the slight pain, they had Slayer and The Police playing on the stereo. What better music to listen to then that!

An hour later I was all done and sent home with my aftercare instructions. My parents liked my new tattoos, and now show me off to their friends. My arrows are a great conversation starter as well, like any tattoo. When people ask me what they mean, I make a joke of it and say, "Incase I fall down, people know which way to stand me back up". Yes, the arrows do point upwards. They've been compared to the arrows on the side of a moving box that comes with, "This Way Up", beside it. I can tell you that my brother sometimes has a problem with them pointing in the direction they do, and commented, "Now that gives a reason for every guy to look at you, you realize".

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my tattoos, and plan on getting 3 more to add to my collection. A month after my arrows, I went to some friends at Grey Ghost Tattoo Studio for my next! That time I got the one of the symbols for my favorite band, 30 Seconds To Mars, on my left wrist. It's a black outline with red inside. That top line stung!!

The only part of getting a tattoo that I don't like, is the week later when it starts to get very itchy and I cant scratch it! All in all, I can honestly say that once you get your first tattoo, you'll be addicted! Yes it did hurt, but no it was not unbearable. I'd compare it to being scratched by a cat. It burns for a second, but then feels good in a way. I didn't get mine to be cool or whatever, I'm very intrigued by body modification, and these 3 tattoos I have so far tell a story of my life, and where I was. I can even tell you the songs I was listening to while getting them done.

Definitely going back for more!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Angelo
Studio: Caloundra+Tattoo
Location: Queensland%2C+Australia

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