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It's like Cheer's the bar only you get tattoo's

The old posting was so outdated. They deserve to be represented accurately. Enjoy.

My friends whom I happen to work with all decided that they wanted to get tattoos and since we all had them before everyone had their own place in mind. But I convinced them to go to the guy that I always gone to, Eric who worked at Concrete Jungle. So two weeks ago we went to Harlem (a jungle in its own right) after work. The atmosphere hadn't changed as far as the amount of customers they had .Even though my previous visits I managed to skip some people so I never had to wait long which was always a plus for me. That wasn't happening today. One major thing had changed. Eric was gone. His cousin SPIDER had replaced him and that was okay because I had met him at a prior location a couple years before (my first tat).   He remembered me so I rethink the wait and stayed.

The management had become very professional; they even had a customer service rep. (smile).A smile came over of us as we took in our surroundings. They have a little corner set up for internet use and they upgraded to snacks and sodas for sale and even live animals like snakes, tarantulas, and baby alligators. Very much a jungle!! Anyway once all the introductions were made and we met the new artists, TAZ, PITO & LA we sat back relaxed and started joking with TEZ3 another artist who I remembered. Our little wait turned into a 4-5 hour wait as by the time it was our turn we were the only one's there and TEZ decided not to go the gym to do Michelle aka The Cry Baby tattoo.

Michelle, the Cry Baby. We would have never thought that Michelle would perform the way she did. While she had tattoos already she wanted one on her lower back and knew it would hurt. She was reluctant at first but her and TEZ stepped away from us and were discussing it. We, Linda & I still don't know what he said to her but she came back over and said "TEZ is doing my tattoo." As we watched he joked with her and made her as comfortable as possible but nothing could stop her from crying. Real tears fell as she explained "it hurts." He seemed understanding and compassionate still with a smirk on his face as he wanted her to man up and take the pain. They have a sign that is posted stating Of Course it's going to Hurt. So while we knew he didn't want hear her screaming and crying in his chair he never complained about missing the gym. Even when we went back yesterday he was still nice with her. He became very personable and told us it was his mommy's birthday. All she can remember is that he took care of her. She now has a news tattoo artist named TEZ and tells all her friends where to go.

Finally, it was my turn. SPIDER had finished Linda's tattoo of a heart with the dagger though it fully colored on the middle of her back. She kept saying "he's so gentle." At this point no one else is there. The music is of (thank God) and everyone is joking and relaxed and comfortable and it felt like we were all old friends hanging out. The customer service rep, whose name is P.O was even friendlier as the hours passed. I was so happy to finally put my ass in that chair that I just sat back and closed my eyes. We had already discussed want I wanted, a patch of stars starting at my big toe across the front going up to my ankle. While there was some scooting around I still felt relaxed. He made look so ladylike. It's definitely original because it was a free style and he kept adding things reassuring me that it would be okay. And since I felt like I was in good hands I now have a beautiful tattoo I can't wait to show off in the summer. While it seems that he's totally concentrating he found time to look up and make sure I was still comfortable and okay and talk to me. With every thing else going on around us I was his customer and he made me feel important and to me that the most important. It's what makes want to keep coming back. In a chair, on a stool , lying down face up face down, waiting for hours you wait and endure it because they make you laugh and smile. The pain is undeniable but the experience is unforgettable. I'm getting another tattoo and I going to follow the golden rule. Only have one tattoo artist and I think I have the best. But don't tell Michelle because she think she got the best.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Spider%2FTEZ3
Studio: Conrete+Jungle
Location: Harlem+World

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