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Gamer Love Story

I have wanted a tattoo since I was 14. I just love the way they look, the only problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to get. My mind changed constantly, I wanted everything from a full back Cross, to an Xbox logo. I searched long and hard, (mostly on the BME site) to figure out what I really wanted, and what would represent who I am. Well after 5 years I finally figured out that with my addiction to gaming I of course wanted a gamer tattoo. I asked around at different shops to see what they could come up with. I heard a lot of good ideas, but none that I really wanted to stick with. Finally I found an artist that was also completely addicted to video games, my sister used to work with him about 10 years ago, and she recommended me to him. I talked to him on the net, and in person and he had really wanted to do a Master Chief tattoo (from the game Halo for all of you that don't know) Well I talked to him about it for about 2 months or so before we figured out something specific that I wanted. I had seen a lot of Master Chief Tattoos on the internet and they all looked the same, standing up with SMG's or him kneeling with either a Shotgun or SMG's. So I really wanted something different, and big. We took an image of him holding a shotgun, added a background and got rid of the legs, (I'm going to add them later.)I decided to get it done on my birthday, when I got there I was so nervous. I had heard so many people say that it is excruciating pain, and others that said it doesn't hurt at all, so I really didn't know what to expect.

I brought the pictures that I wanted to incorporate and I sat there for over an hour for him to draw it out. I wanted something really detailed, something different. My mom and sister were with me and my mom has a real Christian based life, so she was a little weary on the whole idea. When he finally showed me what it would look like I was so amazed I really couldn't believe that from those little pictures I brought in that he made such an amazing drawing. I wanted a really nice leg piece for my first tattoo, and I wanted it to be large. As he set up the area to start I was extremely nervous, I really knew It wouldn't hurt as bad as when I gauged my tongue, but everyone feels a different level of pain, so... 

When I finally got in the chair and seen him setting up the colors, and the gun, that's when my nerves finally kicked in. I couldn't wait for it, I wanted the tattoo so bad and there were no words for how ecstatic I was. When he first touched my leg with the needle, I felt a soft prick; I guess is what you can say. It didn't hurt, but it was kind of irritating. Like a bug bite, but not as painful. After awhile it got numb, so I was just talking to the other guys in there, and just relaxing. When he got to the front of my leg for the gun, that's when I felt the pain. It just hit a really sensitive spot, and felt like sticking that part of leg into a wasps nest. After that we took a break before putting all the color in. You could see the swelling and it looked, well it looked like a bad bee sting. It's sad that the only thing I can come up with to describe that pain is bees. Anyways, as he started on the coloring I knew that it was going to be that bad, and in all honesty it wasn't. I was just talking to all the guys, my mom couldn't stand it and walked outside.  

As he got to the background, which is a tall building that is on fire, I noticed the blood that was coming out of the windows, and I was talking about how it looked like the Twin towers and the people committing suicide. They couldn't believe I said something like that and they called me morbid, which I admit I am. Then I started to feel the needle, and this is where the pain came in. He was going back over it to fill in the color, and it felt like sticking a needle into an open wound. It didn't hurt bad enough to make me cry, but there were a lot of Owws thrown in. As he was finishing the tattoo I finally got to see the finished artwork and it was amazing, it was a lot more then I expected. Then for some reason he had to finish the tattoo by slapping it, really hard. That was the worst part. They all said it was his trademark.  

Well I finally got home and showed everyone else how it looked. Now comes the fun part, letting it heal, the scabbing, showering. It felt like sunburn, and then the skin started to peal...and well let's just say the healing process is the worst part of my tattoo experience. I used to cellophane method, putting some goo on it then wrapping it in plastic wrap. About a month passed and it was finally healed, basking in the glory of me and Master Chief...my Gaming love.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Shawn+Fisher
Studio: Scattered+Images
Location: Portsmouth%2C+Ohio

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