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first tattoo

My mother always told me that I had to wait until I was eight teen to get my first tattoo and I didn't really see a problem with that because that was the legal age and stuff. When I was fifteen my brother was shipped off to Iraq and I was very upset so my mom told me that when he gets back I could get a tattoo with him. We didn't expect him back for almost eight teen  months and I would be eight teen  by then so it didn't make a difference. 

It was about fourteen months into his tour and we got a phone call saying that he would be home in a month. I got excited that he would be home soon and then realized that I could get a tattoo when he gets back. 

He came home and was reunited with the family and the first words out of his mouth  were "lets go get our tattoos." my parents weren't to excited at the fact but they didn't say anything. Later that night we got home from dinner and had a long talk about what I was going to get and how it would work and what to expect. I had a few ideas about what I would get and I decided that I wanted something to do with my first drum set because music was a big part of my life and my first band I was in was with my brother and it was a tattoo that helped symbolize not only my love for drums and music but also the bond between myself and my brother. 

 I then went into my room and set up my drums an the same way that my first drum set was and took a few pics for the artist to look at to draw up my art. I kind of knew how the tattooing and piercing process goes because that's what I really want to do. The next day I woke up and went in to the first shop my brother first got ink in and told the artist what I wanted. He refused  to do the tattoo not only because I was seventeen  but he thought that the tattoo I wanted was to intricate and didn't think he could do it.  

 I decided that for sure wasn't the place to go if the artist wasn't confident enough to do a simple tattoo like that. I went to work and when I got off I spent the rest of the  day asking my friends where they got there tattoos done and I finally decided on the place to go. It was called immaculate tattoo. It was the same place that my girlfriends brother got his stuff done and he said that it was a very clean reliable place to go and that they create amazing pieces of art. 

Later that night me and my brother drove down to the place and talked to an artist by the name of Lee Hanna. He was excited to draw up my piece and he said that the other artist must not be capable of doing a custom piece. I left a deposit of 50 bucks and set my appointment for 3 days later.  

 When I got there on the day of my appointment and he was just finishing up my piece. We sat down and that's when I started to get nervous. Not that I wasn't sure of the tattoo but of how long it would take and how it would feel. When I got in the room he talked to me about what to expect and made sure I ate and everything. I said ya and we got under way. He put the stencil on my back and made sure that I liked the placement and when I said that I liked it he sat me down and started on the piece. When he finished the outline he asked how I felt. I said that it hurt but I feel fine and we could still finish it in the same session. We went outside and had a smoke break and went back to work. He finished it and I stood up and got the bandage on and waited for him to finish my brothers piece. After we finished we went and showed it to my family (my grandma first) and they all loved it and i loved it just as much. 

 The healing process went as planned and it was no time before I wanted another one. I cant wait until im eight teen and can get another one or if I get one with my mom.

Overall I had an amazing tattoo experience and I am happy with the work done. I wouldn't take it back for the world and I cant wait to get my next piece. :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: lee+hanna
Studio: immaculate+tattoo
Location: the+az

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