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Blackthorn Sidepiece First Session

The big day was Sunday at 2pm. I had worked all day Saturday and when I got home all I could think about was getting that tattoo. How was it going to feel? Was it going to hurt as bad as my ankles? What was it going to look like? I did get to see an outline of it a month ago, but how was I to know what it was going to look like with all the shading? Will I cry? Or will I be okay? I was so excited to get it, I had a hard time sleeping too. Sunday morning I woke up without an alarm (for the first time in a very long time) and it felt nice! My boyfriend and I got ready and I waited for my friend Stacey to show up at 1. Stace and I took the bus downtown and got there for 1:30. Plenty of time to relax, so we went to Sugar Mountain to get some candy, as I had already decided that I was going to give Dana candy as a tip! I ate some of the candy while I waited for Dana to eat her lunch to get my blood sugar levels up. I was excited, really excited, but oh so scared at the same time. It had been almost a year since my last tattoo, but I was still nervous. I had no idea what to expect other than pain. I heard that getting your ribs tattooed really hurt, and frankly, I can see why. With the bones and all.

Dana looked like she was ready to start so I stripped down to my shorts and bikini top. She shaved me (peach fuzz!) and placed the stencil. Perfect. First try, it was more on my back than side, which is what I had originally wanted. Then it was go time. She placed out two pillows on her bench, one for my torso and one for my head. She had me lay on my side with my back facing her, and this way I could talk to Stacey. It was a weird experience for me because last time I got to watch Dana do her work. This time I just listened, and I guessed at what she was doing. There were so many instances when I thought she was going to start, but she didn't. Dana said "so you all ready" and I took 2 deep breaths to calm me down, and told her it was a-okay. She put the needle to my skin...and...wow it didn't hurt at all! She started on the bottom (where there is more meat mind you) and it didn't feel like anything really. Maybe like a sewing needle being dragged on my skin. After feeling that I was so relieved that it didn't hurt NEARLY as much as I thought, and got very calm. The outline was nothing like what I remember the outline of my ankles felt like. It may have to do with the fact that this was a lighter outline, but I was happy. She finished in about 15 mins.

Stacey and I talked about various things throughout. Dana started on the shading soon after. This felt a little hotter, and caused some burning. Then the funny faces started happening. Dana was shading about mid way up my torso and I started laughing. The needle caused some vibration on my rib, and it carried through right to my front. It tickled, so I laughed. That was one emotion/reaction/feeling I was not expecting to feel at all. We took a tiny break so we could stretch our bodies out. Stacey took a picture of the progress and for the first time I got to see it in the mirror. I was in total shock, I didn't realize how much detail Dana was actually putting into the tattoo! The flowers looked AMAZING and I was so anxious to see the final product. The higher up she got, the more I felt it. I was probably getting tired by this point too (3 hour sitting) so I had some more candy to bring my sugar level back up. Half an hour later, I was done. I didn't think that I was, I thought we were taking another break, but Dana said that 3 hours was good enough for me. I could have gone on longer, but since the black-work was done, there wasn't anything left to do but colour. One final picture and then Dana covered it up. I absolutely loved it. It looked so amazing, even though my skin was beet red all around it. I had some more candy, offered some to Dana, and then just gave her the rest of it. She refused the first time, but then I insisted so she took it. We then booked a day for me to get my colour added. She went over the aftercare briefly, and since I still had some Tattoo Magic left over from last time I didn't have to buy anymore.

A very successful tattoo experience I think! As always I love Perfect Image and let anyone (and everyone) know that. If you've got any modifications you'd like to do, give them a visit, you won't be disappointed!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dana
Studio: Perfect+Image
Location: London%2C+ON

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