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Pretty Paisley

I had wanted to get a tattoo since I was about 15 but I was determined not to get a tattoo off the wall as I knew everyone had them (and most of them are pretty nasty anyway). I took the time to develop an idea and draw mine myself, I'm really glad I waited until I was older - thinking about the ones I wanted when I was 15 makes me relieved I didn't try it then!

I love the huge colour range of inks there are to use in tattoos, mine was definitely going to be a colourful one. I got it on my collarbone towards my left shoulder, it's a paisley pattern with a rainbow wash through the background – I'm always getting compliments on it and its satisfying knowing that no one has it as I drew it myself. Even if you cant draw its easy to play with a photocopier and cut and pate your own design – its definitely worth the effort.

On the day of my tattoo I was just excited – I have plenty piercings and I high pain threshold so I wasn't worried. The place I went to is well established in Newcastle – the staff were really helpful in helping me develop my idea and were happy to answer any questions I had. There was no pressure and no rush and the pace stunk of clean!

I was sure about where I wanted it so Gary put the transfer on my collarbone – once that was done I realised the image was back to front but I preferred it that way! We picked out the colours I wanted for the background and the order they would go in. We clarified how the colours would blend into each other – it was great how he really pushed me for the specifics of my idea – asking questions I hadn't even considered myself. He showed me the sterile needles etc etc that you should look for when getting any bod mod and then it was just a case of lying down and letting him do his job. I really enjoyed the experience, some of the tattoo is right on the bone and the skin is thin there – Gary said it should have hurt a lot but maybe he was just saying it. The tattoo is about the size of a palm and it was more annoying that I couldn't see it being done as I had to keep my neck straight. Every now and then he would stop so I could see it growing. He started with the black outline of the paisley – the black is done with a single needle and goes a bit deeper than the colour – the worst bit apparently. He did seem to be putting more pressure on it, scraping at my skin with the needle. It wasn't painful more uncomfortable – coupled with impatience I guess. That took about 25 minutes to complete. I was really happy with it but I was desperate to get some colour on there!

The needles for colour apparently are made up of more points so it seems to be less painful – it didn't feel like the pressure of the black outline, more like he was painting it on with some sandpaper if you know what I mean! He did an excellent job – the colours all fit in evenly and perfectly. I had four small paisley tears around the outside in block purple as a frame too – once they were done I was free to get up and take a look! I was so happy with it – the colours are so vivid and look great filling in the pattern like they do.

He covered it up with good old kitchen roll and masking tape and I got some tattoo goo to look after it while it was healing. It was torture not to pick at it I'll admit – it didn't scab like a normal cut – it just went kind of dry and I just had to pat it if it was itchy. Still like getting a new piercing the best bit is looking after it, I put the goo on when I had to and waited for my check up,

When I went back some of the pink had faded a bit so Gary topped it up for me and its been fine ever since. The only think I would mention is make sure your deign is flawless when you get it – mine has a tiny dint in one of the edges that I must have assumed he would straighten out as he went along but he thought I wanted it that way. Anyway I'm gonna get that straightened out when I go for my next tattoo in two weeks time. Be careful, tattoos are looking to be just as addictive as piercings – I've got a book full of doodles wanting to be my next tattoo!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Hype+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Newcastle

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