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Dia de Los Muertos Skull

For months leading up to my 18th birthday, I couldn't for the life of me think of what I wanted. I searched and searched, and then got inspiration from the death of my great grandfather, who was of Hispanic decent. I found the dia de los muertos skull (sugar skull) was perfect for me, and that I knew exactly who I wanted to do it.

I chose Hula Moon Tattoo, not only because I know that they have wonderful artists there, but also because they are VERY sanitary. I've done my fair share of research, and I suggest that if you are reading this you do too! Don't limit yourself to one place, either. If you don't like the artwork at one place, go to another! It's all about what YOU want. If you walk in and they don't bother to help you for a while or you get a weird vibe, leave. Better to be safe than sorry.

I ended up going to Hula Moon on a Wednesday, and Scott was able to schedule an appointment for the next Tuesday. I walked in, and was immediately able to speak to him. I told him exactly what I wanted, and showed him a few pictures that I had looked to for inspiration. He took me back to his room, got a piece of tracing paper, and drew out a sketch. It looked wonderful! He asked for my opinion many times, and gave me some of his own. He wanted to make it feminine since I'm a girl, but I asked if he could make it a little masculine at the same time since it was for my great grandfather. I also didn't want the edges to be square, but more gentle and not cartoony. I told him the colors I liked and he also traced the area of my foot to make sure the tattoo wouldn't be too big or small. He wasn't going to be able to fit the roses that I had originally wanted because you can't fit much on top of a foot, but he did say he would put a few flowers in purple (since it is my favorite color) and wispy lines (for background). I am glad he took the time to find out what I wanted, and not just to force his ideas on me. I was so excited when we left, and I could hardly wait for Tuesday.

I arrived at 4, but things were running a little slow so I didn't get in until 4:30, but the wait was definitely worth it. He invited me right in, and everything was packaged and clean. He showed me the colors he would be using, and asked for my input. The table where he would be working on my foot and his leg were covered with pink paper, a lot like the paper they put around your neck at the dentist. He then placed the transfer on my foot, made sure it was exactly where I wanted it, and we were ready to roll.

The time passed very quickly while he was doing the outline, and it did hurt, mostly on the bony parts (which is most of the time, since it IS the top of your foot). It felt a lot like a really bad sunburn a cat was scratching repeatedly and all the while your foot is vibrating. It was uncomfortable, but I just focused on the fact that it would look amazing when it was finished. I also brought my mom and my best friend, just to keep the mind off the pain, and to hold my hand. The shading also went over well, and it was pretty quick too. The whole experience took about an hour, but it was totally worth it. It also ended up costing $150, plus a $30 tip.

Pain levels vary among people, so don't just take my advice. I have my Monroe pierced, as well as my nose, and neither of those hurt to me. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, just tell your tattoo artist. He will let you go get a drink, go to the bathroom, whatever. If you don't feel comfortable with your tattoo at any time, don't be afraid to voice your opinion. Remember: this is going to be on your skin forever, so make sure it's exactly what you want. Also get something in your stomach before, just so your blood sugar is up and you don't pass out.

Always make sure you do TONS of research before getting a tattoo, and make sure it's well thought out. Passing fads (band names, boyfriends, girlfriends) are not a very good idea, and in a few years you'll regret that you wasted your time, money, and the artists time. I am very satisfied with my experience at Hula Moon, and I will definitely return there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Scott+Alvarez
Studio: Hula+Moon+Tattoo
Location: Pensacola%2C+FL

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