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I don't believe in tattoos as just a picture on skin. I also don't believe in getting a tattoo done because it's popular. (We've had people get tattoos with us jus because they don't want to be left out- hate that.) To each person they are a separate entity. Each piece has its own emotion, pain, and afterthought. My tattoos are a celebration that I exist; that I work hard, that I suffer, that I triumph.

My first tattoo was when I was 18. I have always wanted a tattoo. I have never had an idea that stuck... Nothing had interested me enough to put on my skin. However, I was also a horrible artist. I can't draw stick figures. I suck. There was one thing that kept coming back to me. Stars. Every day all through high school, through In school suspension, all I did was doodle. I knew what I wanted, but where? Most girls back then had tramp stamps and I was not into that. I didn't know anybody with a neck tattoo. I thought that would be somewhat original. I drew a small cluster of multi-colored stars to sit on the nape of my neck right before leaving for the parlor. It was my birthday present from my boyfriend, as was his first from me. He had made the appointment two weeks before and I had been antsy the entire 14 days.

The studio was clean - almost empty, save for a few chairs and a table covered in books of the artist's own work. We picked the artist because of work he had done on friends. He is in a league of his own when it comes to talent. After filling out the proper forms and showing ID (I look like I'm 15) we proceeded into the separate tattoo chamber. He sat down and I handed him my crudely drawn picture. He eyed it a moment and then he began to draw his own representation. Nice. I picked the colors, mostly blue. He started cleaning his instruments, setting up his workspace, etc. I went to the bathroom; hyper and nervous. I was pretty sure I would wet myself.

I sat down on his stool, rested my arms on a chair, and laid my head down. He was ready, I was ready. He said, "Tell me when you're ready." "Now." And he began to tattoo, his arm rested on my shoulders. After each ten seconds he would stop. It wasn't painful. I remember my entire body would vibrate as soon as he let up. It was erotic, yet annoying. The outline was the worst part. It was almost as if I knew exactly where he was in the pattern. The furthest star to the left was pretty deep. It felt as if the needle was going into the back of my head. Essentially, it was. After about an hour and a half I was done. I stood up, woozy. I had a sip of Mountain Dew and then checked my tattoo in the mirror. Love at first sight. He rubbed Triple Antibiotic on it and then he covered it with a paper towel. After sitting through my boyfriend's first (a nautical star) I cleaned my beauty. No pain.

Then we went home. The hardest part was actually to come. I had to face my mom. We pulled in the driveway and came in the house. I tried to be nonchalant, but she noticed my man's arm. "Nice," she said, rolling her eyes. "Where's yours?" I bent over and showed her my neck. Thinking back I should have just turned around and showed her, but hey, I was a dumb kid, still am. "Why would you get it there?" was all she said. "Because if I don't like it I can cover it with my hair," which seemed to shut her up. She examined my boyfriend's arm and then asked to see mine again. She didn't say she didn't like it, which with her means she approved. Great!!

When getting ready for bed I cleaned it with warm water and soap. The I wrapped it in saran wrap and called it a night.

For three days and nights the same procedure; clean, ointment, wrap. Most of the people I know have pain, raised skin, itching, scabbing, but I had no problems. Within a week I was healed. It has since been almost three years and no fading, no touch ups.

This tattoo is a really meaningful piece for me. It comes back to the belief that whatever you put into the world, you get back three times as powerful. (It's 2 sets of 3 stars.) After having 15 more pieces, all more detailed that the first (and more painful as well) this is still my favorite. And of course... if you're into tattoos go for it!!! Always trust your instincts!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Tattoos

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