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Inner Lip Tattoo

After high school, I decided that I wanted to learn Hebrew. No reason in particular, I just wanted to learn Hebrew. So for a year I was in California learning Hebrew (how to read it, listen to it, and speak it.) I was submerged into the language for 8 months and now I am fluent in the Language.

I decided, though, that at the end of my 8 months there, I didn't want to do that any more, even though the experience there had changed my whole perspective on life and how I needed to live. So, now I'm going to school to be a Medical Assistant.

I've always wanted to get my name in Hebrew Tattooed on me since about half way through the course, even my teachers who are from Israel, they were flattered that I wanted to do that, to get something that would remind me of them on my body forever.

It took almost 6 months to finally decided where I wanted to get it tattooed on my body, my inner lip, because i had been watching a shower about a week earlier on maybe TLC or Travel Channel and saw someone getting it done.

I hadn't really talked to anyone about my decision until I was at the small shop, standing behind my friend Erin as she got her tongue pierced. I just told her, "Hey, yeah, getting my lip tattooed." and she didn't believe me as the piercer put the barbell through her tongue.

My other friends were waiting in the front, laughing and goofing off asking Erin to see her new piercing, and so I slipped away to the counter to tell Johnny that I wanted to get my name tattooed on my lip. The owner of the shop was even there looking shocked at me when I told him I wanted it on my lip.

I finally sat down about 20 minutes later, with all the people in the shop looking at me as Johnny prepared the needle. My friend Ryan held my shoulders so I wouldn't move as I pulled my lip out awkwardly and watched as the needle came closer and closer. I really couldn't keep watching as he put the needle to my lip, because I had psyched my self out before the tattoo telling him that I was really really nervous (like I always get right before I get any sort of ink or piercing) I clamped my eyes closed and felt the light burning of the breaking of my skin, my toes curled out of discomfort and Ryan kept his hands clamped onto my shoulders as I started to shake.

After a moment, I had to get a better grip on my lip, and realized that I can just hook my fingers into my cheeks and pull my lip down like little kids do while they pull horrible scary faces at their friends. Doing this made the tattooing a little better (I was a little surprised that Johnny didn't tell me this, but maybe he didn't know because it had been only the fourth inner lip tattoo that he had done and he did a fabulous job too).

About three minutes later, I took out the paper towel that was soaking up my spit, and then pulled my lip out and looked at it in a mirror. It was the least painful tattoo that I had ever sat down for. Maybe it was the size or maybe I have a high pain tolerance, but it didn't hurt, and I was kind of disappointed.

So I got up, paid, and showed everyone in the shop. We all walked away from the shop smiling and my friends still couldn't believe that I had an inner lip tattoo.

Since I live half a country away from my parents, of course, they are the first ones I call. The conversation went a little like this:

"Hey, Dad.. I got another tattoo"


"Seriously.. You know how I wanted my name in Hebrew tattooed on me?"

"..Yeah.. that was all you were talking about earlier today.."

"yeah.. well I got it.."


"It's on my lip.."

"What?" (If I was at home, no doubt his face would have hit the floor)

"Seriously.. it didn't hurt.. Put Marsha on the phone.."

So I proceeded to tell my step mum about it and she called me some rather colorful names and I just smiled through it. As we were talking, I went into the old Circle K convince store and bought some water and I put down my phone for a second and pulled my lip out for the clerk, she just stopped and looked at me before asking "If that real?"

The past few days, I have had that reaction a lot, and it makes me smile every time that it happens. I don't think I've ever been happier with a tattoo.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Hebrew Tattoos

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Originally written by Deidre

Artist: johnny
Studio: A Different Drummer
Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

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