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my very first tattoo!

I had always wanted a tattoo since I was about 14, but of course the parents were not too keen on me getting one. I had asked them a couple years earlier, and they told me that it wasn't fitting for "a mature girl to get such horrible things put on their body." Whatever. I still wanted one, and after heading off to my college I met a bunch of new people that had tattoos, and it only pushed me further to go get one done.

I loved how the tattoos looked on the skin, glistening about so bright and meaningful. I always associated tattoos with the rock star image, and since I am a bit metal and hard rock fan, it was only fitting that I form a love relationship with tattoos and piercings. Only a year before did I pierce my own cartilage and then belly button, because as I said, the parents are really strict and have no idea what I really like and what I want to do. About 2 months before my 18th birthday, I decided that, if I wanted one this badly, I sure as hell am going to get one. After careful consideration between a dragonfly, another hebrew phrase, and one of those stupid back tattoo tribal things that look like a road sign to your ass crack (no offense, I just don't like them) I settled on the hebrew word for "life" and headed off in search of a tattoo parlor.

I wasn't sure where to go to get it done, being that there were a lot of places around, so I started asking people. One of my friends from my college, who has this ultra amazingly big tattoo on his back of a demon and an angel embracing (its hot, like him), told me about Beauty Mark. He really liked it there, and so did some other people I talked to who had tattoos. It was close enough in proximity to me, and they were not too expense or snooty when it comes to someone who is new at getting tattoos, so I agreed to check it out. I met the owner Pete, and he seemed cool and kind, and overall I got a really good vibe that he would comfort me in case I became a little chicken shit. That being said, I made an appointment with Pete for the day after my birthday. That way I could get it as a constant reminder that this was the symbol for my independence from childhood and strict parents. I told him I wanted the tattoo on my right hip, and he sat down with me and made sure that that is what I really wanted and that it wasn't something I would regret later.

Finally the day rolled around. I was so happy and glad that my friend was willing to drive down with me. The whole ride there I kept wondering if it was going to hurt, or bleed or even if I would wimp out at the last second. I was never very keen on needles, but the reward was worth the risk for me. I got there, and although the place is small, its really clean and nice. I sat down for about 5 min and then pete showed me the pic of what it would look like. I agreed it looked awesome, and the size was perfect and so he put the outline on me and told me to lie down and relax. I remember he had some really soothing music on. It didn't really hurt that bad when he started tattoing, and I just remember singing the lyrics of one of my favorite songs in my head...but around 75% of the way done I could feel the needle hitting my hip bone, and that kind of made me uncomfortable. I bit my lip in earnest that I knew that it had to be finished, and just pushed myself to forget the pain. After reading the warning label on the light bulb about fifteen times, I eventually forgot about the pain and relaxed into the thought of how amazing it will look.

Finally after 20 min, it was done. He told me how to take care of it and gave me some instructions, and then I saw it. BEAUTIFUL!!! He did it perfectly in line and it wasn't crooked or anything. I love that place and am going back there soon in order to get a tattoo of the keywork and dragonfly intermeshed from the progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria. I also am debating a lip ring that would look amazing, but of course all of this costs money, so hopefully by the end of summer I will at least have gotten another one of those. I give big props to Pete, he was very kind and is really easy to talk to.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 May 2006
in Hebrew Tattoos

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Originally written by jgfan88

Artist: Pete
Studio: Beauty Mark
Location: Waterbury, CT

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