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Cured Again

Body modification has been an important part of my life for many years. Through tattoos and body piercings, I've come closer to realizing who I am. With each new mod I get, I feel more and more complete. I feel as if the shell that is known as my body is coming closer to reflecting my inner being. I used to dream of another form of body modification as a child, suspension. It was never exactly myself that I saw suspending, but rather a Native American brave facing his destiny. As I grew older though, it began to look more and more like me. I never knew what it was called until I found BME, when I was 27 years old.

After finding BME, and realizing just what the ritual was known as, I knew that I was meant to perform at least one suspension myself. My ancestors had been trying to reach me for years, and I had finally understood their call. The problem was that I was unfamiliar with suspension teams, since I was new to it. I met a great group of people though through BME, the IWasCured suspension team. With their assistance, I was able to begin the journey to speak with my ancestors. They helped me achieve something which had been previously unattainable. From the first time that I performed with their assistance, I've felt as if nothing I could ever do would be enough to repay them for what they did for me.

One thing that always crossed my mind though, was an IWasCured logo tattoo. Over the last few years, I've seen a few different logos signifying them. Most prominently has been the IWasCured Cross, which I've seen numerous people with. A friend of mine has the IWasCured Hooks logo. I wanted something different though. I wanted one that not everyone would have. So I selected one I've never seen done as a tattoo, the Flaming Dice logo.

I took the design in to the local studio, and realized that a friend from high school was now employed at the studio. He took one look at it, and his jaw just hit the floor. He informed me that he thought it was one of the most awesome designs he had ever seen, and that he was looking forward to being the artist to do it. He then asked what the banner reading "I Was Cured" meant. When I told him that it was a suspension team, he decided that we would discuss it further during the tattoo process.

He took the design to the back, and made a stencil of it. He then came back out, and we looked at the placement of it. It fit perfectly beside my BME Elf logo tattoo. So he put on gloves, washed my arm with green soap, and pulled a razor out of the jar to shave my arm. It was time to get started. Once my arm was shaved, and the razor was disposed of, he once again washed my arm with green soap. He then placed the stencil on my arm, and sprayed it. He applied slight pressure to the stencil to ensure that the stencil was complete. When he removed it, it looked perfect.

He changed his gloves at that point, and began setting up ink caps, paper towels, and A&D ointment for lubrication. Once completed, he changed gloves again, and began opening needles for the process, inserting them into the tattoo machines. It was time for power to be supplied to the machines, and the real tattoo process to begin. My arm had to be in an awkward position for the process, since it was going on the side/backside area, so we set up an arm rest, and I twisted my body about half a turn. Erik began working on the outline, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It had been too long since I'd felt the tattoo needle.

The outline took about fifteen minutes to complete. Erik then suggested we take a break and go have a cigarette, before we began the coloring. We stepped outside for a few minutes, and caught up on old times. When we returned, he switched machines, and began to fill in the color. It was then he began to ask about suspension, and about the IWasCured team in particular. I explained to him while he worked, exactly what suspension was, and what IWasCured had done for me. His curiosity was definitely piqued. I also told him about the BME site, and suggested that he check it out, and do some research on the subject himself. After approximately an hour, it was colored in. We continued to sit and discuss BME and IWasCured for awhile. He bandaged it up, and gave me some lube to apply to it. I paid and tipped him and headed home.

I washed it with anti-bacterial soap, and applied lube three times a day, which is what the studio recommends. A few days later, I would be seeing the IWasCured crew for the first time in over two years, at BMEFest 2004. I was so proud that although it wasn't completely healed yet, I had to show each of them my memorial to all that they had helped me accomplish. Most of them hadn't even thought about the log in quite some time, and were surprised to see it as a tattoo. Although I still feel as if I can never repay Phil, Marty, Joe, Jay, Rachel, Clive, and the rest of the team for all that I have become, I have come a step closer. I will forever hold them close to me. I will always have a reminder of my spiritual growth, and those who helped me find it. I have nothing but respect for them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2004
in Tattoos

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Artist: Erik
Studio: Spectrum+Tattooing+and+Body+Piercing+Studio
Location: Sidney%2C+OH

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