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Stars Alignment

All I hear is buzzing. On my left, buzzing in my ear, I switch towards my right; this buzzing noise overtakes me until all I hear is buzzing. I close my eyes as my body passes through waves of pain in and out they flow. For the next half hour this is how it went, silently enduring my pain. Slowing and carefully I stand and turn around to see what a half hours pain has cost me, something that's made me complete.

April first is when it all started. Somewhere in the sky the constellation Virgo aligned. When I saw it stuck somewhere in my heart. So that night I looked up the exact alignment and sketched it up, so it would be more meaningful to me. Then I waited, waited, and waited even more. Father Time seemed to be playing games with me, teasing me, and making time seem slower than the average snail. And finally it was September's cycle to turn. This would be the month of all months, except Christmas mind you. All because it was my eighteenth birthday. I could finally do what I had wanted to do; get a tattoo. My mother was opposed to pretty much every and all body modifications, until I sat down with her almost two years ago and discussed my eyebrow ring. After that ordeal, she's been a lot more understanding, but with one stipulation; I had to wait till I was eighteen.

Feeling sad, but extremely grateful, I just researched extensively to see which was the best place. My partner in crime, Kristi (we'll call her "my Mini Me" from now on) and I decided on World of Tattoos in Downtown, Canada, put whenever I called my messages were never returned.

With one week to go, I was crawling the walls waiting for Sunday. But finally, Homecoming night came around, almost forgetting my fateful plans for the next day with all the fun I had. But then the night was over and then I layed down to go to sleep. While I was slowly drifting slowly to sleep I heard a buzzing. So heavy head from my pillow I looked around, my phone was ringing! I picked it up and my Mini Me had bad news; World of Tattoos was closed. We talked for a while and came up with this: we were already going to Ann Arbor for a suspension show at the Lucky Monkey so we would go there. She assured me they were a dandy place considering one of the biggest Body Modification websites supported them (Bmezine.com if you were wondering) .

Lucky Monkey here we come! Mini Me and myself packed our imaginary bags and set off on the horizon that is I-696. On our way there, like most of our trips, we got lost. Sitting in a gas station with no gravel what so ever we call and get proper directions.

While trying to find parking we passed it by, then we realize why we were getting funny looks. We were going the wrong way on a one way street!

After we delayed our demise, I sheepishly walked in. A nice and soft-spoken man named Dan helped me plan. We discussed everything about my tattoo from location, colors, my design and most of all cost. While this was taking place, my good ole' buddy Bub came walking with his friend Aaron, we talked for a while and then continued my conversation with Dan. He told me to go watch the show while he set up. It's an odd thing to see a man strung up on hooks and rope. While watching, I kept getting asked if I was nervous, and in all honesty I was more scared going on roller coasters at Cedar Point. Dan tapped me on the shoulder and told me he was ready. I looked at the man hanging from a pulley and slowly walked toward the table with no doubt in my mind that this was the right thing to do.

My design was stenciled and Dan told me what he was using and what was going to happen. I looked up over the counter and I see Bub there and he smiles and gives my Mini and me Me a thumbs up. And all the buzzing and pain takes me under. Having light conversations with Bub and the secretary, it was official; I was taking the whole thing quite well. They called me a "champ", especially for the placement of the tattoo. I had stopped talking for a while and looked around and paid attention to where he was tattooing. I heard silence, but the buzzing still rang in my ears, like when you get out of a rock concert and u can still hear the amps.

I slowly turned to the mirror and the Virgo is all I see. I thank him continuously and paid him. Well my Mini Me paid for it, it was my " birthday, Christmas, and all in between present", as she told me. He bandaged me up and gave me after care instructions as well as his card if I had any questions.

I still don't believe I have a tattoo; from time to time I'll rush to the bathroom to see if it's still there. All I know is, it makes me feel absolutely and utterly complete.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2003
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Lucky+Monkey
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+Mi

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