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My bme tattoo

I had wanted to get a bme tattoo for a month or so, and I had been searching the sites looking for something that I liked. I had played with some ideas, and saw what some of the other people had.. I finally found one that I liked so I printed one, and enlarged it some, and took it to the shop here in town. I sat and I talked to the guy who was working (the same person that does my piercing) we discussed prices and stuff. And I also wanted to be sure to he'd be able to make a stencil from the picture I had provided. I don't think he felt that I was totally 100% sure of the fact that I wanted to get this particular tattoo, because he was like, why don't u photocopy this, and hang it everywhere. So it has time to grow on you. But I told him that it wouldn't be necessary and to price it for me. I didn't expect to pay more then 120$ tops for it, but it ended up coming out to be about 160$... Grrr. I thought, but oh well, it was going to be worth it. After I paid, my friend and I went outside for a "last smoke" so to speak before I sat down in the chair. After Joe had got everything ready, he told me that I could sit down when I wanted too, so we went in. Just as I was taking off my shirt, one of the counter girls walked by the room, and saw that I had my navel pierced. She asked if she could take a closer look, and asked why I had it pierced three times. I told her "why not?" and she said ew. And got all wierded out. Joe kicked her out of room and mumbled something about needed counter girls that didn't get all squeamish. It was funny as hell. He placed the stencil and made sure I was pleased with the spot (between my shoulders) and it started. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh man, I love that sound. I was about ten min. into the tattoo, and I been thinking about how I could make this sort of funny. So I waited for him to stop and get some more ink, and I then I said. "Hey Joe, is it too late to move this thing? Because I was thinking... The next thing I know, my friends jaw hit the floor, the look I was getting from the guy doing the tattoo was just intense, and he started laughing. He was like, um yeah sure, let me get the eraser and I'll see what I can do." I laughed and told him I was only joking, and he started again. By this time, the counter girl came back in and was looking at my piercings again. Which I thought was funny. She had just started working there, and was asking all these questions. I didn't mind all that much, but she was just plain being dumb after awhile, so I asked her to leave. She mumbled something and left. About 30 mins into it, my friend asked if he could see, so he came in, looked and said "that's fucking cool man" Which was pretty reassuring as my friend tries to be the biggest tattoo critic in the world. Just as he was leaving, I asked him if he had a picture of his mom with him, he said no, and then asked me why I asked. I told him cuz I wanted to get a picture of her tattooed on my ass. Joe had to stop to laugh, and he said. Are you sure you want that? I did like 4 of those last week. J Chris didn't know what to say, so he was like, yeah sure whatever, you're the one who's got to look at it hehe. That was topic for discussion for a while, Chris couldn't stop laughing, and I was having fun. It was so needed though. I was falling asleep. That's the worst thing about getting tattooed I think. They are BORING after the first 30 min or so. More time passed. His [Joe] came in to see him. (She was hot) I didn't think to say anything bout that cuz I wasn't in the position to piss him off. So they talked for a second, and he asked me if I wanted a cig. I was like sure, yeah that would be cool. So here I am standing outside the shop no shirt on, having a smoke with my friend. Old people are walking by and looking at me. One stopped and asked me why I was doing such things with my body. I basically told her the truth. I got pierced because it wasn't permanent. And I liked the idea of having my nipples pierced. And I thought it looked good. "Well its disgusting" she felt the need to add. I'm respectful of older people. And I also realize that they come from a different era, or whatever, but I couldn't believe how much she was getting on my case for it. It reminded me of a conversation I had on the train with an 70 year old retired school teacher the day I was coming home from the July 1st BME bbq. We were talking about what I had done that weekend, and what I saw. She seemed like she was really interested in the whole suspension idea. And we talked about it. Then we got on the topic of kids. And how they have no respect for anything anymore. She said something that I thought was truly amazing. "Older people today say that the younger generations have no respect for they older people. But what I don't understand is why they feel they should just be respected. When I was your age, we respected them, BECAUSE they earned it, and just not just expected it." And her words really rang loud and clear at that moment. I went back in, and sat down in the chair. And finished up with getting the tattoo. I was only in the chair for about 20 minutes and I heard "What if I were to tell you I was finished" I was YAY! I can go home now. What I really liked was how impressed he was with his work. That made me feel confident in the tattoo, as I had hard time seeing it with the mirror that he had. But when all was said and done. I defiantly think that I'll be going back there. But I told him; he's the only one from that shop that's going to touch me with a gun. (I've had one other experience from Cool tattoo's, that I'm not going to talk about because of the whole, if you don't have anything nice to say.... Philosophy)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2001
in Tattoos

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Artist: Joe
Studio: Cool+Tattoos
Location: Brockville

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