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Reclaiming My Body

This is my story, twisted and sometimes deeply hidden was the path but I have made my way. Sort of...I grew up spending a lot of time with my uncle he road a harley and had these (actually rather bad art work) full sleeves but to me at that time I thought they were the most magical beautiful things in the world. So I began piercing all my teddy bears with my moms "good" jewlery, and soon all my barbies and dolls had the most colorful tattoos :) of course to me this was not strange but to my friends parents I was the little "freak" who lived down the road and WAS NOT to be brought into their home. I didn't mind this though I was always kind of a loner, I didn't have many friends and the ones I did have weren't really allowed to play with me. In fourth grade I began developing and by fifth grade my chest was so big every one thought I stuffed I began spending even more time alone and began withdrawing from everyone and everything. I sat by myself on the bus, at lunch and at recess I sat in the field by myself day dreaming. One day my grandmother took me shopping (now mind you I have NEVER recounted this story for anyone) I saw this beautiful pair of earrings they were studs the ball was a deep blue with delicate white swirls through it. I had to have them and I knew exactly what I was going to do with them and it was not going to be put them in my lobes which I had pierced in first grade. So yes I stole the earrings I know I still feel bad. That night I sat on the bathroom sink in front of the mirror for about and hour eventually I took a deep breath and shoved it through the flesh of the ugly mounds of everyboy in schools interest. I looked in the mirror I had never seen a surface piercing in my entire life but I loved it, it looked like it was suppose to be there. (Fast forward time) At 16 I had my friend take a needle and india ink and tattoo a tiny little heart on the right side of my lower stomach. At 17 I went downtown one day and saw a tattoo shop that I had never even known existed. I went in and asked the guy if he could pierce my navel he looked at my chest looked at my face and said sure $40. that should have been the clue, no can I see some ID or anything. I went into the back room and glanced around before laying on the table he clamped me a few times and said hmmm stand up I can't get enough flesh. So I stood up and the phone rang he answered the phone began talking and then glanced at me and said on the count of three. Three yeah he pierced me three times because the first time the needle appeared half way out of where it should have been the second time it was way crooked and the third I said that was enough. I was pretty sure at this point I was going to faint I think he thought so too. He told his friend "I have to go shes going to faint or something". I told him I was fine I just wanted to leave and he told me no that I had to go sit on the couch that fainting in front of the shop scared business off. The piercing somehow healed, I still have it 4 years later but that was my last piercing. I began stretching my lobes which right now are sitting steady at a 6ga I have an orbital I'm taking my time. I have eight tattoos. Huge handcuffs with colorbombs behind them on my right calve, a black widow on my left thigh(I'm scared to death of spiders so that one counted as an hour of therapy) a butterfly that covers the first tattoo I ever had, a tribal dragon on my left breast his tail goes into a point marking the spot of my first slef piercing, dirty angel wings that say fiend between them on my collar bone my goodbye to a friend who died of a heroine OD in 1997, a dolphin jumping out of flamming waves in front of a sun, representing a little boy who I will never forget he moved and shaped my life in so many powerful ways, a tribal design with a lily and feathers on my spine and a devils tail on my well the obvious spot. I love all of them, and I'm proud that none of them came from flash, I sat down with each artist I've had to help make it a little piece of both of us. I feel like all my tattoos were always there, just nobody could see them but me, I'm working on designing my half sleeves right now. The tattooing will never stop until I run out of blank skin. I'm currently planning to move to AZ I want to be closer to The Church Of Body Modification and hope to find more of myself through participating in a suspension as well as finding a apprienticeship.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 June 2001
in Tattoos

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