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My elephant.....

ady had 2 tattoos. Granted, they were small-one on the inside of each ankle-but they were mine and I LOVED them. I first knew I wanted tattoos when I was about 12. At 20, I got my first one. At 22, I got my second one. All I thought about for the next 4 years was what I would get next. I hadn't made "rash" decisions for the first two and didn't plan to for the next one's either. I kept waiting for life to throw something at me that would let me know--this is it! My third year in college, my grandmother died. She had been like my mother. She collected elephants. It took me a while to realize that my next one would be an elephant. I didn't want anything to BLAH or too tacky, so I searched and searched. Fast forward 4 years--I still didn't have my tattoo--couldn't find the perfect design. My mom moved to Florida and her boyfriend gave me the name of this guy who had inked his daughter and did GREAT work. WE'll see. I called the place up--the only day I could get done was Memorial Day,a Monday, and they were gonna be closed. Ugh! Little Chris said if I brought a down-payment he'd do in on Memorial Day. (I'd later find out that not only was he gonna be closed on Memorial Day, but Monday is his day off.) So, I drove there, walked in and--ya know, it had been a while since I'd been in a shop--while I was a little scared at first, I got over it. Me and my sister are not your stereo-typical tat lovers!! We had been "warned" that Chris was scary and Sic was mean. This was not the case at all which goes to show-don't listen to anybody else. I was a bit intimidated but Sic greeted us and was super nice. After he told Chris that the "chick who called" was here, we figured out a price and for some reason, at the same time, I decided to get my nipples pierced as well. Off I went to the ATM, made the tat appt, and then prepared to get my nipples pierced. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Okay--Sic was awesome though-he didn't even let me pass out!! HA HA! They cleared the entire shop for my benefit and prcoceeded to pierce. I went back on Monday. Chris took a lot of time drawing EXACTLY what I wanted. An elephant with 5 dots underneath to represent my mom, me, my grandmother, my brother, and my sister. Even mom appreciated this one. Once again, it was just Chris, Sic, Kat, and me. I had been warned that the pain was horrible on the back. It wasn't that bad at all. Don't get me wrong--it didn't feel good, but as anyone who has a tattoo knows, it's addicting. He took a little over an hour to "do me" and then they were nice enough to pose for a pix. Since then, I've come back to North Dakota (Air Force)and kept in touch with Chris and Sic. When I go back down there, Chris is doing another one for me. I keep thinking of things I'd like to have. I would recommend that anyone who wants one-think about it first-pick something that is YOU-not a fad. The only problems I ran into was--once I got the tattoo-no beach for me. I sunburn super easy, besides, I needed rest. For some reason getting a tattoo exhausts me. I think all the adrenaline. At the time of my tattooing, I was married. I hadn't told him of my plans. When I got back to ND, my ex was PISSED. First of all, how could I let another man see my tits? PUH-LEEZ! That's when I knew he had no idea WHY I got them done. I did it for me-I thought the bar-bells beautified my nipples-not for sexual reasons. If anything, it made them less sensitive. The military wasn't too pleased either but--oh well. Second, he was mad about the tattoo. I'd been telling him for months that I was gonna get it. Guess he didn't believe me. He totally judged me and told all of our co-workers what a "bad person" I was. I get really sick of people looking at me and saying "You don't look the type to get tattoos." So, what is the 'type'? I really enjoy reading everyone else's stories and I hope mine is as interesting or entertaining to others. I'm thinking of ideas for my next two. An ankh on the back of my neck and some type of tribal on my lower back. I'd also like a little decoration done around my elephant. The cool thing--my conservative mom has decided she wants one but is gonna wait until we can go together. I can't wait! I'll make her write her experience and then I'll tell you guys mine!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Little+Chris+%26+Sic+Boy
Studio: Lucky+Devil
Location: Port+Orange%2C+Florida

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