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Tattooed by Carl

  1. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah, Im 18 and I live in Oklahoma. I have been planning on getting tattooed for quite some time, since i was 11 I think, But tattoos are illegal in Oklahoma so I had to wait until I could drive to Texas by myself. Finally a friend and I decided to drive to Dallas one weekend for an Ani Difranco concert and for my first tattoo. Actually I should say my first professional tattoo. When i was much younger a friend of mine gave me a tattoo on my stomach of a star. He used a sewing needle. Now I know how stupid this was but at least the tattoo looks good. So on October 16, we set out in the early morning. We arrived in Dallas around noon. Sadly I found out that the tattoo parlor I had planned on going to was closed on Sundays so I had to find another one. After visiting a few places Marcy saw Ritual Body. We went in and met Carl the Tattoo Guy. He seemed very friendly, had several lovely tattoos, and had pictures of his baby daughter hanging up. I liked him. The time had come. I showed Carl what tattoo i was going to get. This sounds silly but i brought a sticker with me that had the picture i was getting. Its the silhouette of the girl thats always on trucker mud flaps. It sounds silly but I love it. I wanted it put on my upper right arm. I liked this spot because most girls get tattoos on thier backs or ankles. I liked the idea of putting it in a more obvious place. Carl said my tattoo would cost around 70 dollars. I said that was fine and he began getting everything ready. And i began thinking about what i was doing. I have always loved decorating my body. Ever since I was little I have worn jewelry, drawn on myself, etc. so my body would be unique. I have 12 piercings right now and would get more but I can't if i want to keep my job. The idea of getting a new kind of modification was so exciting but also terrifying. I can handle piercings because the little pain that there is only lasts a second, I didnt know how i would be able to handle thirty minutes or more of a needle entering my skin.Despite my fears I knew i had to go through with the tattoo. I looked up and saw Carl and he said he was ready. I walked over to this neat old dentist looking chair with no arms and sat down. When Carl started the gun thing I discovered that the noise it makes is just terrible. Not loud but a terrible buzzing sound. I forced myself to ignore the buzzing and listened to the music. I dont remember what was playing but i liked itThen he dipped the tip in some ink and moved in. I braced myself for the pain. When the needle touched my arm I discovered that it wasn't quite as bad as i was expecting but it wasn't a picnic either. He did the outline while i clutched my friends hand. If i kept a death grip on her hand I hardly felt the tattoo. Everytime i looked over and saw more of my tattoo taking shape I felt giddy with happiness. Luckily the outline was over quickly and i Looked down at the girl on my arm. I named her Natasha. Then Carl started filling in the outline. THat hurt less but every once in awhile he would go over a nerve i guess because it would hurt alot. By the time he got to her feet I just wanted the tattoo to be done. And then it was. Carl looked at me and said how do you like her. I looked down at my arm and decided I loved it. The tattoo was so beautiful and dark black and perfect. After a moment he wiped away the excess ink and taped a bandage over it. I got up and didnt feel dizzy like i sometimes do after piercings. I paid him 70 dollars and a 10 dollar tip and Marcy and I left. We stopped by a grocery store and bought some ointment and then it was off to the concert. I know a concert isnt the best place to take a new tattoo but luckily most of the Ani fans are very well behaved. THe concert was fabulous. The next day after coming home i removed my bandage. It had the blood on it in the exact shape of my tattoo. I really liked that so i saved my bandage as a momento of my tattoo experience. I followed all the after care procedures laid down by Carl and my tattoo healed beautifully. Well after about 5 days it peeled and looked terrible but it went back to looking wonderful. I am very pleased with my tattoo and i plan to get one along my collar bone in april . After that i want a full back piece. THanks for reading my story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Carl
Studio: Ritual+Body
Location: Dallas%2C+Tx

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