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Yea...I got my TATTOO~

ys thought that tattoos were neat, but I also thought that I would never get one. I grew up in the always go to church kinda family, and so I always assumed that I would never in my wildest dreams be allowed to get a tattoo. Little did I know. For my 17th birthday, I was just being stupid and said to my mom that her and I should go and get tattoos just for the hell of it. She said maybe, and that was a shocker all in itself. So I persisted. I also had the help that my uncle had just gotten a tattoo and so did my 16 year old cousin. My mom liked the work that was done on them so she said that she would take me to get my tattoo. My mom and I headed to the tattoo shop just to pick out what I wanted. Just by being in the tattoo parlor made my mom want to get a tattoo. This was turning out to be great~! I picked out a tiny flower, and my mom looked over all the hundreds of choices. Still not knowing what she wanted. Anyways, we made appointments for me and my bestfreind to get our tattoos like the next day. We got to the shop and my friend still had to pick out what she wanted. She picked out a butterfly and got ready to go. (I made her go first, cause I was to scared). She sat in the chair, while Lynn (the tattoo artist)got out all new needles. Mel, my friend, sat in the chiar and didn't flinch the entire time. So I figured I could take it~ It was my turn...Mel's had turned out great. And she said all that hurt was the outline. So off I went to the chair. Lynn traced the rose on to paper and then placed the print onto my right shoulder blade. It was in a good spot so she stared with fresh clean needles and off she went. The black outline needle did hurt the worse. It kinda feels like an ice pick scrathcing through your skin....but it was worth it. She started with the color, which wasn't much. That didn't hurt nearly as bad. And then she was finished. She put some gauze and antibotic gel on the tattoo and told us the care for them and off we went. It was just great! Little did I know, I was addicted. The next week I was back at Lynn's getting my second tattoo. This time I picked out a colorful butterfly for my chest. It was little and I thought it would look delicate. This one hurt becuase of the location and plus its just a tattoo. SHe did the same process, used clean needles...which is a must have when getting a tattoo. Then it was moms turn she picked out a hummingbird and a lilly for her shoulder blade. She was tough. It was a big tattoo compared to mine, and she made it without a flinch. She did say that she thought that she was going to pass out. Which isn't good, but she didn't seem to be bothered by the pain at all. Think I was done? No. About a month later, I was not satisfied with my purple rose on my back so back I went to add a butterfly. This one hurt like a bitch! She touched up my rose and added a tiny colorful butterfly...and it hurt! My mom then decided to add to hers too. She added another hummingbird to her flower, and it looks so cute~ I then tried a fourth time. I wanted to get a dragon tattooed on the small of my back...but I wimped out. That area is one of the most painful spots to tattoo and the dragon was all black, so more pain with that too. I did decide though, I am happy with all I have, and I think I am done for now. I have to say that three tattoos in one summer before I even turn 18 is pretty damn good! ~Dixie~ Anyone who reads this and had their eyebrow peirced can give me a little help.... Does it hurt??? Do people look upon you like you are weird? And would you recommend it??? Anyone getting a tattoo... I totally recommend it. It was some of the best expierences that I had. Don't go wimpy either like I did the first time. Get as big and colorful as you want...Your first time, your adrinaline is pumping and it doesn't seem to hurt as bad. I also recommend that you look into the artist that you are going to....you want someone clean and that can perform a good job~ GO FOR IT~!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Lynn
Studio: Don%27t+remember
Location: PA

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