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Tatoos against scars

this big scar on my right forearm from a bad plate glass window that fell on me. This scar was about 3 inches long, and a quarter inch thick, and gets increasingly thinner as it goes down. Top of my forearm by the way. Well, I always thought it looked kind of cool. I never scarred myself on purpose, but was never dissapointed when I did happen to get a cut or something. All I've ever wanted was a scar accross my eye, from top to bottom, like in all of those anime cartoons, or video games and comic books. I think those look really cool. Bu I'd never get it myself, on purpose. If it was in some big fight, or some battle with an animal, it would be cool. But that is not a likely thing to happen, so, I let it go. Anyways, I thought this scar was cool. So I'm 17 right, and I've been wanting a tatoo for a long time. I was supposed to get one ofr my 16th birthday, but I ended up asking for a video camera to film snowboarding instead. So there I was, thinking about all these great things, artistic things I wanted on my body. So I went to my fav tattoo place, had my Mom sign me off, so I could get a tattoo, and I got hooked up with an awesome fish over that scar described earlier. Well, you can still ort of see the scar, but not really. And I found out that I like tattoos a lot better than scars. Scarring is just angst I guess. I've calmed down, I'm pretty relaxed, and am averaging in the high 90% in school. So I guess it is just a phase, and some people just might not get out of it. This is just my opinion though. Now I bet people will say I'm just some whiny pro snowboarder who likes sleeves(tats) and his parents are just a bunch of freedom of righters who let their kid do anything, cause they trust he will have good enough judgement. Well, you are right. HAHA, didn't expect that huh? I snowboard Pro for Lib Tech, Dragon Sessions and Vans, and I got a pretty sick sleeve right now, workin' on funds for the other. I don't drink or do drugs either, neither have, so all you know it alls can go to hell. Well, I doubt this will even be posted, so I just wasted 10 minutes that could have been better spent painting. Also, they tell me this is too short, so I figure I will tell you what my sleev is of. I have a couple japanese fish, one covering my scar, and another one above the back of my elbow. Then I have some misc. amounts of water as a filler, some bamboo plants, some greenery fern type stuff, I have a tribal dragon wing thing going across the underside of my forearm, and the sleeve goes all up my shoulder, ands on the back of my shoulder and on the front of my chest, only about a quarter of the way to the nipple. Its a great tatoo, and my artist is world class. I bought my girlfriend a tatoo for her 18th birthday, and the same dude Scott did it. He's pretty good. He's only 28 or something, but he is literally world class. I'm getting another sleeve on my left arm after xmas, its gonna be a big giant buddha face, praying, with water below it. There will be some tree frogs on rocks in the water, and another fish in the water jumping to try and catch a small draginfly. This one is gonna have some flowers though, some blue, dark yellow, purple and dark pink exotic ones, sort of a hawaain theme. Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, they said to talk about feelings about them and junk. Well, before hand I was nervous. During I was surprised at how much it wasn't hurting. Scott kept it off my mind by talking about our favprite punk bands and asking me how I attained my sponsorship, and if we could go board sometime. He also offered to do all my tats for free if I hooked him up with some free gear whenever I have it. So I've been hanging out with this guy for about 2 monthes, and have given him 3 winter jackets, 1 spring jacket, a pair of snowboard pants, 3 pairs of jeans, about 10 t-shirts, and one snowboard, complete with bindings and a pair of Jamie Lynn Pro Model boots. Anyways, so this dude says to me," Hey bro, you've got a ton of credit with me now at the tat shop, why don't you come in and get a back piece done, or another sleeve?" So I said sure, another sleeve sounds sick, so its settled. In january, he's setting a day completely open, and he's gonna do another sleeve for me. My first sleeve bled a lot. And was a bitch to shower with. Hard to sleep on too. After, when it was just scabbed up, it was really warm all the time. I guess its cause the blood is flowing stronger in that area to heal. I was spoutin' out weirdness all week cause of its warmth, but Scott said it was cool. So I calmed down, and everything was fine. So next time, I'll be more prepared for the experience. Especially the actual tatoo time. So Scott is gonna have another buddy of ours set up and tv/vcr in the tat room for that day, and I'm gonna bring a whack of snowboard videos and bmx vids to watch while he's arting me up. Should be pretty cool. I'm super stoked, and can't wait for January. Don't worry, Scott won't watch too, he concentrates well. I'm just gonna bring him a copy of all the vids for himself. I hope I've typed enough already.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: My+tattoo+artist+Scott
Studio: Eternal+Image+Tatoo
Location: 17th+Ave.+Calgary+Alberta

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