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HEADLINE: Tough Tattoo Chick Gets Work on Her Feet and Cries

my first tattoo the day I turned 18. I did not research the guy that did my work. Need I say more? I am in love with the art form but very cautious after my first mistake. Until I got my feet tattooed. I have seven other tattoos from my current tattoo artist. I researched him thouroughly and watched him with other customers before I knew he was the one. I feel he is the only person i can ever fully trust and I feel he does excellent work. All nice stories have a bad side, thats what make them a story. So here is the punch line. For very personal reasons I decided I needed a tattoo. I could not wait. The next problem...I HAD NO MONEY. Solution? I had a friend who was interested in becoming a tattoo artist. He had the right equipment and was sterile but had virtually no experience. Now, I would like to say I learned my lesson after my first tattoo. I'd like to say I was patient and waited until I had enough cash to get it done right. But, I don't learn things very easily. i had that itch that told me I needed new tattoo's NOW. I decided to have my friend do my tattoos. The third problem: I did not feel comfortable letting my current artist know I was getting a tattoo from someone else. Especially someone with no experience. I felt I was betraying a trust I had established with him. He has given me EXTREMLY cheap work and I consider him a friend. Common sense would tell you that you can tell your friends things... reason with them, let them know why you are doing what you're doing. Needless to say, I had to think of a very creative spot he wouldn't be likely to see. I have no common sense. Ahah! The tops of my feet. Not only would it be super sexy, but I could avoid confrontation. I thought I was a genius. Pure genius.
Then I got my tattoo's. When I decided that it would be safe to get these tattoos from Mike I thought I covered all the bases. I considered his sterility, (no, he CAN have kids, I'm talking about cleanliness here) he had the right equipment, and it was two very simple designs. Unfourtunatly, I had forgotten to consider the amount of pain an unprofessional tattoo artist could administer. Now, I definatly do not consider myself a wimp. I have a total of 10 tattoos and a few piercings too. I mean if I can handle my nipples pierced and a tattoo on my neck... why should this be a big deal? Well it was. AND it took about 5 hours to do two 20 minute tattoos. Mike was very nervous himself. More nervous than me. I was getting two Japanese symbols on each foot and he had plenty of Japanese dictionaies and such for me to look though. Now you'd think this would not be hard to look up a couple of words in a stupid dictionary. Then, you realize, much like I did, most languages do not exactly translate. This was important to me. I was getting these because of a transition I was going through in my life, not just for decoration. So I found myself looking up word after word that were synonyms to what I wanted. And then I had to find two words with the same number of symbols so the tattoos were symmetrical. Monotonous work. Finally I found the two closest matching words to my originals. We started. he was very nervous and I found myself having to talk him through some parts. He would hold the gun wrong. The needle would drag. He would go to deep. Over and over. Then I decided that since this was a black-work tattoo I'd just have him go over the ink lightly because it was so painful. Then I could come back when they healed and have him pack the ink in. Well, not only were these tattoos in a painful spot, done by an unskilled artist but there were also plenty of nerves right at the purface of the skin too. So on top of wanting to punch Mike in the face because of the pain ... I had an uncontrollable leg twitch. Considering all of the bad things that could have happened in that scenario, things went smoothly. I know now how good my tattoo artist is, and I would never stray again. I always said I would never get a free tattoo but deperate times call for desperate measures I guess. If anyone wants to email me about my feet tattoos feel free. I also have a few piercings and some more tatoos, and I never mind chatting about any of them. I feel I also have very strong opinions towards skin art if anyone would like to chat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mike
Studio: kitchen+%28ha%2C+ha%29
Location: Milwaukee%2C+WI

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