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New Life With Ankh

g for a new lease on life - to develop spiritually - to breathe in new life I recently backpacked around Ireland(August 1999). It was when I reached Northern Ireland that I met Pert - a tatto artist - and a brilliant one at that. We got along extremely well and I visited his studio. I knew what I wanted - an Ankh - perhaps a dragon as well - the Ankh representing a new life and a new start - the dragon representing boldness and strength. There was in fact a design to represent exactly what I wanted. A dragon with a Ankh superimposed on its back with the top of the ankh on the dragon's head. Half an hour later and a brilliant conversation I walked out - INKED. I am now dead keen on getting INKED all over - and am going to see what I can do about getting involved in the tattoo world. By the way - I'm 38 - and a new life has begun. The tattoo process itself was painless - should have started years ago. Since the INKING - and a damn fine job by the way - I have logged hundreds of hours on the Internet bookmarking Tatto sites. There is something really enigmatic about being INKED. The healing process was no problem. I was taped with some tape an absorbent paper towel. After two hours I removed it to reveal a colourful dragon - absolutely beautiful. After seven days all of the scabs had fallen off and the tattoo was as bright as ever. Friends, family and strangers have all admired it - and I have even persuaded some of them to get INKED. My 12 year old daughter thinks its the coolest thing she has seen in a long time. My wife thinks its sexy.Those that haven't decided to get INKED at least have that seed planted in their brain. Sooner or later they will be INKED - I am certain. The tatto is on my right upper arm and I am now busy designing tatoos as i am quite a wizard with graphics(computer based). After being inked with these nes designs I will try and market them to local tatoo artists - let's hope that I am successful. I have been asked "But its there forever - aren't you worried?" My answer is that we are not living in the fifties where the average tatoo was a name of a loved one - or a military type tatoo. We are now part of the global village - a new tribe - and a new identification is needed. For those out there who dream or wanna be INKED. I say - GO FOR IT! You won't regret it. It is not painful - It is beautiful - It is weird. It is addictive - It is fascinating. It is permanent. It is sexy. Feel the ink Feel it in your blood Feel the power Feel it flow through your life Feel it mark you for ever Feel it bring new colour into your life Feel it whisper in your ear Show it Show it to yourself Show it to your lover Show it to the world Touch it Let your lover touch it Let the world touch it Get Inked!! Neat huh - feelings anyway about my first - but no last experience at getting tattood. Forget about all those nasty stigmas and associations attached to tattood people or tatoos. We need to change the way people think about tatoos. Unfortunately many people of the older generation and those conservative type reckon tatoos are no good. A few tips if you are gonna get INKED Feel relaxed Make sure that the design is YOU - you must feel good about it. Choose a tattoo artist that has a Health Certificate and clean sterile equipment. Take your time shopping around. Don't try it yourself. Don't let your best friend do it - unless he/she is a tatoo artist. Don't get pissed or goofed before choosing the tattoo- you might end up with something selected from an altered state of mind - and besides some artists will kick you off the premises if you are drugged or drunk. If you are slightly hesitant - don't do it - until you have built up the confidence. A good idea is to visit the artist beforehand and ask if you can watch a few bpeople getting inked - this will help your confidence and also give you some insight into the philosophy of tatooing. Once you have been tattood: Show it off. Wear it with pride - they are your colours. This way people will accept it quicker. Be confident when you talk about the experience. Persuade others to go and get INKED and become part of the new tribe. Oh yea - enjoy it. It's definetely worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Pert
Studio: Ink+Castle
Location: Belfast%2C+Northern+Ireland

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