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My most recent tattooing experience

ust moved to New Jersey a few months ago, and since the birth of my son in February, I had been looking for places in my area to get some ink done. My last tattoo was done over a year ago, by a really great artist named Josh, (unfortunately, I cannot remember his last name to save my life.... ahhh, the burdens of having a crappy short-term memory and also being too damn lazy to write the important things down...) who, at the time, worked for Instant Gratification in Ybor City, Florida. I really miss that place; I've gotten all of my tattoos and piercings there, and all the guys who were there at the time (there's an oddly fast turnover rate there) Angelo, Jon, Josh, and Cameron, were all great. Anyhoo, since Asbury Park is five minutes from where I live, and a guy I met in the IRS office suggested this, I investigated Body Art World. This was definately a big mistake. I had created a design celebrating the birth of my son: a green star with a blue outline, and his name and birthdate written in a multicolor font that looks much like a child wrote with crayons. The artist who was on duty, apparently a guy named D.J., glanced at the design for a moment, and handed it back to me with a snotty, "I'm not going to do this."

"Well, can I ask why not?" I asked him.

His reply? "It's too kiddish. Take it to Point Pleasant."

So, incredibly shocked by this vulgar display of unprofessionalism, I walked out the door muttering, "It's your loss of business, pal." I could not believe it! I have never been treated so rudely by a piercer or tattoo artist in the past. (Speaking of which; Jon Cobb, where are you?! I miss ya lots. If anyone reading this knows what he's up to, give him a fat hug from me, and ask him to email me. What a great, talented guy. He's got an aura that you can see from miles away. One of a kind, he is. :))

Anyway, back to my story....

Insulted and fuming, I went home to bitch about it to my boyfriend's sister. I was furious. I mean, not only was he rude and unprofessional, but he insulted my artwork, and in doing so, insulted my baby boy. So, Kim called a friend whose fiancee is a freelance tattoo artist, and she suggested Tattoo City on Point Pleasant Beach. Well, talk about night and day. The folks at Tattoo City loved my design, and had no problems doing it. Everyone there was ultra-friendly and relaxed. I felt kinda bad for the artist there. It was a Saturday night and he was the only tattoo artist working then; apparently the others were at a convention in Manhattan. However, he kept cool despite all the folks waiting, and it ended up that a few of the people in line were undecided about their designs and left. So, that left me, my boyfriend's sister, and another guy who wanted to get a really sweet looking dragon. So anyway, happily, my design only ran me $80, (but I gave him a $10 tip for doing such an awesome job,) where an apprentice at Body Art World told me earlier in the week that to have D.J. do it, it'd cost me $150. Thank god he was an asshole about it. :) Anyway, on to better things.... Tommy 2-Tone was the artist that inked me, and he did a phenomenal job. The colors came out nice and bright, and he didn't hit me heavy. It came out really gorgeous, and being that it's my first color piece, I was pretty impressed with the saturation of the colors. I've seen bright tattoo work before, but I never thought it'd work well with my skin tone. (I'm pale as a ghost.) It's the day after and I'm surprisingly not feeling that yucky sunburn-like dull ache that I'm used to getting those first few post-ink days. That's a relief.... I like pain, but having that annoying, constant ache with the occasional sting gets on my nerves. :)

After I was done, my boyfriend's sister, Kim, decided that she wanted some ink, too. She got a really nice black and grey flower piece on her shoulder, again done by Tommy. She was a real trooper, despite the fact that she kept asking him if he was almost done. She thinks I'm nuts; I always dread the end; unless of course, I'm getting a really big piece done. After an hour or so, the sensation starts to get to me, and I need to break before getting back into it again.

So, all in all, I'm very, very pleased, and I intend on getting all my work done there from now on. I'm also considering talking to the owner about an apprenticeship; I've been dreaming about tattooing (and piercing, too; though I want to focus on one at a time, and since I'm an artist already, tattooing seems the best place to start.) for too long; now it's time to see if it's something I really want to do, and can do.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tattoos

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