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I think I'm getting addicted here....

m fascinated by tattoos. I love to look at them, to read stories about them, and to go to studios and just soak up the atmosphere.My first tattoo was really a moment to remember. I picked out a small flower to put on the inside of my ankle. My husband was against it and my mom did'nt know I was gonna get one. I went to this place in Petersburg, VA. called Altered Images. They were the nicest place around that I could find, they had like a couch and lots of flash on the walls to look at. Plus they have private rooms you went in to get inked/pierced, and they are really clean. I dont really like the idea of getting tattooed in the middle of a room in front of everyone!! I was excited because I was doing something permanent and I was doing it all by myself.I wont sit here and talk about the whole procedure, but it was REALLY fast, and didnt hurt much(the noise is what made me nervous, its like this buzzing, it makes me think I'm at the dentist or something!!?!!?!?Well afterwards I got this incredible rush, I drove over to my moms house to show her, with my windows down, some Aerosmith blaring and just this huge feeling of hapiness. It was cool!!

My second tattoo is not really exciting or anything.It was kind of spur

of the moment. It is just a very small chinese symbol that means truth. The only neat thing about this one is that my mom came with me to get it. She was hanging out, talking to one of the girls that worked there while I spent like 5 minutes getting it. Then my mom seemed interested in what it felt like, and the process. Maybe she does'nt think they are so bad after all!

O.K. now I have really moved up to a bigger class of tattoos.

And once again I went by myself, cause my husband is not into it. This time I picked out a rather large butterfly to be placed on my lower back. Now this was a pain in the ass. I went to a different place this time, and I was'nt as impressed. When I was asking questions the guy made me feel stupid, He told me how much it would be and then was like "o.k. who wants to work?" So some guy was like"I will" and then he started up. He hardly talked to me at all. I had no idea how long this would take, I was thinking about 45 minutes at the most, but when I asked he was like "about 2 1/2 hours" This freaked me out! I mean the other two I got took 15 minutes tops! I almost chickened out, I did'nt know if I could take it for that long, but I know I would have been pissed off at myself if I didnt do it.

Actually, the most annoying thing about the whole thing was my feet

kept falling asleep! I was hunched over on this little stool for so long my feet felt like they had needles in them, I mean they really hurt!!(oh, and there was no seperate rooms so I was like infront of evryone in the middle of the room)

I have to say that the very lower part of my back hurt like hell, I

mean it hurt, I had this horrible look on my face, and I kept squeezing my head with my hand. The top of the butterfly didnt hurt though, it actually felt kinda good!

Well after he bandaged me up and everything, I realized how hard it was gonna be to take care of this thing. I mean its right where the top of your jeans would go. So for like 2 weeks I had to wear sweat pants and pull them down low, so they would not be tight on my new tattoo. It was hard to sleep, cause things kept sticking to my back. ( and when a cotton t-shirt got stuck to me and I had to pull it off, it HURT) It itched 1,000 times more than my other two, and it really just felt like my whole back was sunburned.

Well now its been like 2 months and it looks good. There is one small

spot where it looks lighter than the rest though. But you really cant tell unless you inspect hard. And, since its all black, I guess I could always go have it touched up. The only thing thats weird is that my skin feels slightly raised along the whole design. I dont know what that means, if you know, please tell me!!

I told my mom and she was mad at me, she was like"whats wrong with you,

why do you do this to your self??!"She doesnt know how big it is cause she hasnt seen it, but then I know she will totally freak!! Well I am planning on getting something else. I want something that has to do with Australia(cause I was born there) or with Alaska(because I love it there)But I cant think of anything just yet:)

Thanks and if you have any questions or ideas for a tattoo for me write me!!

Kelly [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Tattoos

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