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body the way i want it

ill few years ago, i was completely ignorant about various body modifications. only things that i knew about were pierced ears (gun pearced), and some nose piercings which i saw on few girls.

then my life changed from the roots (this sounds a bit pathetic, but it realy happened that way) i met this tatoo artist, and was absolutetly amased with his tatoos and piercings. then he had most of his fore arms tatooed, and lobes streched to 15mm (i'm from israel, and i dont realy know the gauges, just the standard europian markings), and his septum was streched to 6mm.

soon after i met him, i decided to start stretching my ear-lobes, which are now at 5mm, and this week i have appointment at his place for another stretching :)) at first i was very afraid. i had 5 gun-pierced holes, and my biggest concern was are they placed right, and if i can realy stretch them to 35mm which is my goal. very soon he asured me that i wont have any problems, and we started.

i was all white from fear, because i imagined very strong pain, and all i felt was short stinging. first stretching was from standart gun-pierced holes to 2.4mm. he placed me a pair of very nice circular bar bells, and gave me the instructions for taking care of them.

in first week small infection developed on both ears, but it passed very soon. two weeks after the initial stretching i came for another one, and this time i went for 4mm, which only a nonth ago seeme like something impossible. the feeling was almost the same, with even less pain, and no ifection at all developed in the area.

after getting what he called "first real earrngs", which were ball closers, i couldnt stop week after that i got my first flesh tubes, which are on me now, and are 5mm thick and the stretching will continue hopefully this week to 6mm, also flesh tubes. all the other silver ear-rings are out.

right now my goal is 10mm, and i'm already ordering some very nice jewlery peaces from wold cat collection, and from my cousin which is also making very nice jewlery from bones. my final goal are 35mm holes (for now) and i just cant wait to get them :))))

the other part of the story is the tattoo part

one evening the same tattoo artist asked me if i want to get a tatoo that he designed, and from some reason i just said yes.

i had absolutely no idea what is the tatoo about, i had no idea is it going to hurt, or where will it be placed.

few days after that conversation he told me that his design is about 30cm by 20cm, and that i need to decide where to place it i chose lower leg.

soon after that we had our first session. it started with me trembling from fear, getting whiter and whiter, and all of that even before tha machine was ready.

after he prepared tha machine, he took out the stencil, and i just fell in love sith the design. it's a classical celtic design, triangular in shape, and realy beutiful. soon after he started working i realised that getting tatooed is not the worst thing in the world, like few people told me. the pain that i felt was equivalent of getting a very hot shower. after ten minutes i was completely relaxed, and i think that i got hooked :))))

the first session was only outlines. after two and half hours all the preliminary lines were finished, and my leg was bandaged. all i had in mind was when will we continue, because i just wanted it to be finished. to see the whole work.

second session was coloring the thick outline, which was mostly his free hand. the main design changed from what was originaly on the stencil, and i got some very nice looking tribal peaces, and some spirals. third session was shading the inner part. i have to say that it was a bit more painful than the first two sessions, but he explained me that working in pal greys always hurts a bit more. the pain was not unbarable at all, and most of the time i read some tatoo magazines that he keeps in his shop.

fourth and fifth session were completing the parts he left open on the top. both sessions were his free hand, with no stencil, and what came out was realy great. left part is a very strange face, and the right part is a beutifull eye both of them dome almost completely in gray.

last session was yesturday, and no picture is still available, but as soon as everything peels off i will take a picture and send it.

one of the important aspects of tatooing and getting pearced is ofcourse the higiene of the place this guy's studio is almost 99.9 % sterile, and noone ever complained about him even once. each time before doing anything the customer has to sign and agreement, and allways the customer gets all the neccesary instructions, how to take care of the tatoo, or piercing.

only thing i can say about this expirience and about this guy is, that i enjoyed it very much, and i already plan new tatoos, and new piercings. my next piercings will be a PA, and both nipples, and my next tatoo will be half slieve on my left arm again i will let Avishai (that's the tatoo artist) to design it.

and just not to dissapoint him, all of the above was done in Tat2 shop in Beer Sheva, Israel that artists name is Avishai Tene, and i warmly recomend him to anyone coming to israel.

my name is Yovan Maryanovich, i also live in Beer Sheva, Israel, i'm 23 years old, and please forgive my poor english :)))


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Tattoos

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