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Tattoo Experience

too Experience

For the last 4 years I had been looking at people's Celtic and tribal tattoo's with envy. I desperately wanted one but have a big fear of needle's. I have to be restrained at the dentist and my doctor knows not to come near me with a syringe.

I have had the outline and basic shape of a full tribal band in my head for the past 2 years. I have previously drawn it on my arm and decided that I would one day have it permanently inked there.

Well the time came last Saturday. After getting my nipple pierced a few months earlier (I had to be physically held down, even though I wanted it), my fear of sharp pointy things had started to decrease.

I had already asked & looked around the neighbourhood and found that the best artist was Steve at a local studio. I drove there at about 2pm and sat down the road in the car for half an hour contemplating what I was about to do. I eventually plucked up the courage to enter the shop.

It is quite small with a waiting room, full of the usuall flash images and a seperate room where the buzz of the gun was coming from. I sat in the waiting room for about 10 minuites waiting for Steve to finish with his customer. Once the guy had fininshed chatting he left and I started to get a bit nervy. Steve and I discussed my design for about 30 mins and compared it to some of the tribal flash that he had. We eventually decided that it would be better for me to only have a 3/4 band, and I could get the rest done at a later date if i really wanted it.

I deceided that I wanted some fresh air and 5 minuites to myself just to think about what I was about to do. I left the shop and walked round the block trying not to think about needles. I was starting to get flustered and worried about the pain.

A short while later I was back standing at the front door of the shop, I had managed to calm my nerves and was totally sure about what I was doing.

Steve took me into the studio and showed me where he wanted to sit. It was very clean, there was some soft music playing in the background and rows of colours lined up on the bench. We sat and talked about sterilisation, autoclaves and stuff for a few minuites and I was confident that everything was cool. The studio was very clean, Steve was very methodical at getting everything ready.

I took my shirt off and showed Steve where I wanted the armband. My arm was prepared with a new razor and alcohol. My design was hand drawn on to my arm, and checked in the mirror. So far so good, a small alteration and everything seemed fine.

As I sat back in the chair, I could feel myself start to shake. The gun had been prepared and I was being asked if I was sure that I wanted this done. I nodded and was assured that I would hardly feel a thing. The whole world went into slow motion as the tip of the gun touched my arm for the first time. I held my breath and tried desperatly not to think of needles, there was definatly a pain there, a sort of electifying throb. I soon realised that everyone had made it sound alot worse than it really is. The outline was the worst part and once that was over, I physically relaxed and started to enjoy the sensation.

Before I left all of the aftercare procedure was thoughrally run through and I was given a sheet of instructions, just in case i forgot.

I left the shop that day with my very own, thick, black, tribal design banded 3/4 the way around my arm. I was on a high, this was far better than a piercing. I had to wait in the car for nearly an hour before I could drive home.

Looking back on it now, I am still feared of needle's, but definatly not the type used in a tattoo gun. The experience was fantastic. I am now waiting for my tat to fully heal so that I can get the last 1/4 finshed.

If you feel that you are ready for a tat and that you are confident with the perminancy of them. Go for it, there is absolutly nothing to be feared of. Honest!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1997
in Tattoos

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