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"Piercing and Body Modification on my wife"

ercing and Body Modification on my wife"

"Piercing and Body Modification on my wife"

I met my wife four years ago at work, we are both in the medical

field. Loretta is 38, 6 foot tall, and has a masters degree in both Art, and Anthropology. Im 40, 6 foot 6 inches tall and have my B.S. degree in Engineering, and Emergency medicine. One night while dating, we were sharing fantasies, or what I would call "coming clean" with our sexual desires and fetishes.

She stated that she always had a sexual fetish about chasing her man on

horse back, catching him, and branding her name on his bare butt. She was very scared to tell me this because she felt it was wrong, and not a sociably acceptable etc. and I told her that many people have a fetish about branding and assured her thoughts were ok.

Then it was my turn to tell my sexual fetishes.  Mine were about

tattoos, piercing, and jewelry.

I was trying to be careful about telling her I was afraid that I may

scare her off or something, she said that my fantasy was very beautiful and that she could see it happen.

About  three months later we started living together, and my dream came

true. We were driving around town and stopped in at a local tattoo shop. After looking around for about a half an hour she picked out a flower design for her left ankle, it goes all the way around the leg and is about two inches above the ankle bone it`s one inch wide it has colored flowers and leaves.

About a month later she went to a different tattoo shop and had the

tattooist design a bird A "Phoenix" with lots of colors. One day she came home and I noticed a paper towel bandage on the back of her right shoulder, I asked what happened and she proceeded to show me an outlined bird with wing tips extending just over the shoulder towards the collar bone, and when she turned around the bird covered most of the right shoulder blade! its tail feathers extended around her right side and ended under the right Brest. Over the next month she kept going back to get the bird colored in. In talking she said she wanted to be mine and fulfill my wishes and be my fantasy women forever.

One day at work I had a very hard piece of stainless steel after

working the piece to a high silver sheen and into an oval shape we placed it on her left wrist, it took an incredible amount of force to close "it took a hydraulic press" and the ends matched up so the seam can hardly be seen. Now she has a stainless steel bracelet about 1/2" wide with a rounded top that can`t be removed! it has several inches of travel on her wrist for comfort.

I waited several weeks and asked her to Marry me she said "yes" and I

presented her with a "12 mm wide" white gold ring to match the bracelet. She liked the ring so much we bought one more for her right hand, now she wears two wide white gold bands on both ring fingers!

We then pierced both nipples with 8 gauge studs that have 1/4" balls on

the ends. She liked the look so well she went several days later and had her naval pierced with a 12 gauge CBR attached to the ring is a yin yang.

After we were married she has added to her tattoos.  Where the bird

ended on the right side she has had flowers placed all the way down to the top of her Clit hood and she now keep her self clean shaven. "The bird and flowers come from the shoulder down and wraps around her right side".
She has also added a tribe piece to her right hip and when she stands slightly bent over her entire side appears to be tattooed.

The most recent tattoo has been flowers, and a humming bird on her left

Brest. The flowers go around the nipple and run up over the left shoulder and on to the back of the left shoulder blade.

We went shopping about six months age and she spotted an Emerald ring

she really liked and wanted to wear it under the wide band on her left hand, after trying for a half hour with soap and oil she got the wide band off and placed the Emerald ring on her finger then placed the wide band back on where she says she has not been able to remove it ever scene, its about as close to being permanent as you can get for a ring.

Future plans are that she wants a bird on the right hip and the left

shoulder fully covered, She also want a vanity belt and some flower coverage on her butt, and right Brest. Loretta is shying away from piercing her Clit hood because of the five months of infection, antibiotics, and pain with her nipple piercing. We have had good luck with her ears though and she has each ear pierced all the way around with small white gold hoops, 12 in the left ear and 13 in the right ear.

She would like the earrings, and nipple rings permanently placed, we have started this process also but instead of using lead solder I have used Silver solder which has no lead and have been used in jewelry for years without side effects.

We are thinking about 6 or 8 mm permanently placed flesh tunnels through the nipples so she may place studs through the sides or have rings without the irritation of when they flop around in the hole. I will write more about her nipple infection later or my branded butt.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1997
in Tattoos

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Sunday, October 20, 2013 @9:23 p.m.
You are an incredibly lucky man to have a woman who loves you so much she WANTS to be your fantasy. I hope you appreciate what you have. Not all of us have women willing to do the things your wife did.

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