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Hockey Tattoo

key Tattoo

I guess I have loved the sport of hockey since I was born. No matter how hard I try I can not recall a time that I was not obsessed with the sport.

I wanted my first tattoo when I was 18, but it took me 10 years to get it done. When I was 18, all I wanted was the red demon that was on the Jump In The Fire EP by the heavy metal band Metallica. But my friends talked me out of it saying that it was not something I would want 4 years later. I took their advice and for years I wanted that tattoo, but low and behold some time less then the 4 years my friends predicted the urge for that particular tattoo was gone.

In the back of my mind I wanted a tattoo very badly but the urge to get one was gone. Then about 2 years ago, the urge returned. One of my friends that recently entered my life has some great pieces on his body. He told me to make sure I new what I wanted. I was convinced this time I would a hockey player skidding to a stop with a spray of ice from under the blade.

I set off for the famed Huggy Bear in Brooklyn, where I am located. However, when I told him what I wanted he told me he wouldn't do the piece because he considered it a bad choice. Who was he to tell me this, I though. I was devistated. I wanted this piece more then one could imagine. I returned home and told him what piece I went to get and that Huggy Bear wouldn't do it. He told me that Huggy Bear was over-rated and that I should go to the guy who did his tattoos.

I made the appointment and I was set to go. My friends put me through what I now consider a ritual. "You will never make it, you will pass out. Its going to hurt like hell." After a week of this I made it to the tattoo parlor, where the people were friendly. I had given them a picture of the pose I wanted a weak ago and it was converted into a stencil that was ready to be put on my arm.

The tattooist took out a new rasor from a sealed bag and shaved my upper arm hair. After this he disposed of the rasor. He placed the stencil on my arm and told me to check it in the mirror before he continued. By now my heart was racing, with what my friends told me and having reached this point. The artist began to set up the colors and his needles. When I heard the first Bzzzz, of the instrument I was a bit nervous. He told me, to relax and look away if I was a bit squeemish. Attempting to be strong I watched him as he began to tattoo away. The feeling was unbelievable. It felt so good. The Buzzzing and vibration on my arm felt like a massage. In about 30 minutes he was done.

I love my tattoo and I cant wait for my next one. I have it planned already, a crossed American and Canadian flag. I plan to take my love for hockey to the extreme.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 July 1997
in Tattoos

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