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Why Tattoos?


I like to have tattoos made. Really. Not because I want to impress anyone, or rebel against anything. It's a source of pleasure similar to customizing personal things, pretty much like painting one's car, only we paint our bodies.

The main reason why tattoos are (or were) culturally rejected is that it's permanent. Let's face it, much of society is a passive lot. They are afraid. Of many things. Afraid to show their opinion, afraid to protest what they don't want, afraid to go for what they want, and afraid of change in general. When this is considered, it is not very surprising that these folk would reject tattoos. They indeed don't give a damn if you paint your body or not, they are afraid for themselves. They simply freak out to make a decision that they cannot change later, and this is what they project on you when they react negatively to your tattoo. I'm not making this up, I observe this in so many people, and I know, because with those that I can I talk this over and they do admit it in the end.

Interestingly enough, while originally a symbol of underground life, tattoos are now becoming common, even fashionable among the new generation. I personally resent the relating of tattoo to fashion; after all it IS permanent, and I do know people who had very visible tattoos made when young, and now very much regret it. This is serious stuff. Not 'ugly' serious, but serious. Like sex. I do not approve children to have tattoos. Of course now they have all this 'temporary' stuff and they can muse with that until they are older. As tattooing equipment gets more and more hygienic and available, the spread of the art is inevitable. After all it does look very nice if made properly.

Another issue is the removing. There are those that say there should always be a way back and that easy tattoo-removing should be researched on, and there are those who say that this will take away all the originality of the art and make it a children's toy. I wouldn't least like to sound radical here, but I'll cast my vote for the second. The first reason is, as I said, one's own body is a serious subject to play upon, and one should think good beforehand. Secondly, plastic surgery can remove anything today. Any further research for less complicated and less costly removal of tattoo would be totally unnecessary also under the fact that research itself is expensive. Medical research very much so. I'm a researcher myself and as a tattoo-lover, would pity the gigantic amounts of money to be drained to make spoiled children think less before going to the tattooist's. So you have a tattoo on your forehead and can't get a job? Tough. Plastic surgery will suit you well!

Sorry to be emotional here, but doing "socially questionable" -albeit beautiful- things does not require being an imbecile. Not on my behalf. "Think twice before you tattoo." Would make a good song?


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 July 1997
in Tattoos

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