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My first tattoo

first tattoo

When I first got the idea of getting a tattoo I was sixteen. Because of my age it

would have been impossible to get a tattoo on my own. I could have asked my mom but I unfortunately didn't have a death-wish. The laws in my state dictated that minors would need parent consent to modify their bodies in any way. Since that wasn't going to happen, I had to do my own tattoo.

Let me give a little background info on me. The high school I was in consisted

mainly of preppies and jocks. I hated it. Everyone thought I was a freak. It was freshman year and I had gym. I could play sports better than anyone in the class but I wasn't into that. My idea of a gym outfit was a pair of cutoffs, torn fish-nets, and a camo half-shirt. I was lucky enough to have worn the teacher out enough to let me wear what I wanted. Everyone in that class hated me. I loved it.

Since I didn't have any tat equipment I settled for a sewing needle, lighter, paint

brush, and some Pelican ink. I sterilized the skin on my ankle with some rubbing alcohol and drew the outline of cross with a marker. Then I held the needle in the flame until I glowed red. I began tapping the needle along the outline of the cross. I would occasionally stop to brush a little black ink over the pierced line. When I had got the basic form down I wiped the excess ink away. For my first tattoo it was going well.

I continued to tap the needle into my skin, filling in the outline. Once I was finished

with that I brushed blue ink into the lines. Once again I wiped away the excess ink. My cross was complete. Or so I thought. As I looked at it I realized something was missing. Then a favorite phrase of mine popped into my head, 'Be Just-And Fear Not'. I inked that surrounding the cross I had just completed. Now it was finished.

The next day I went to gym I didn't wear any fishnets. As we lined up for roll call

the teacher walked up and down our lines checking off names. When she got to me she looked down at the bandage I had placed over my art. In front of the whole class she said "What happened there?". By now everyone was looking at me. I said flatly "I got a tattoo". She looked at me some more and said "Take off the bandage". I bent down and removed the gauze. I positioned myself so she could see my ankle clearly. It seemed like minuets before anyone spoke. Then somewhere behind me I heard someone say "freak". The class responded by laughing. The teacher looked back where the voice had come from then she returned her gaze to me. "Very nice, I have one like it on my shoulder." she finally said. Everyone in the class hushed. I stood there stunned.

A few weeks later I transferred schools. My new school was more accepting. It

was located in the city, and had alot of 'freaks'. To this day I still think about that gym teacher who had left me speechless, and my first tattoo.

    By Stephanie B.
    Forever Inked

P.s.....I now am in college and am working on getting my fifth tattoo.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 July 1997
in Tattoos

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